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Steve left WCAX and is still living his teenage dream.....here is a piece we did awhile back...

Just got off the phone with Detroit Disc Jockey Steve Kostan ... We talked about his career in Detroit rock n roll, and a bit of bio on how Steve began his "teenage" job in broadcasting. Steve gave me that quote, as it refers to his great fortune to have a job for so many years that he truly loves. Steve is the first DJ I have written about. He is my favorite DJ in Detroit, maybe everywhere for that matter ...

Steve was a DJ for all the major stations in Detroit... WABX, W4 , WABX, WRIF, WCSX

Dave Edwards of The Look and Steve Kostan

Steve started in radio at Western Michigan University's radio station WIDR... Specs Howard Broadcasting School was just getting started so the best way to break into radio was by joining a college station.

Rick Vuk from the EDDIE LEIGHTON Project and Steve from 2010, Rockin on the Riverfront, opening for the ROMANTICS Steve with his Les Paul/Goldtop 1969

In 1977 DJ Ken Calvert hired Steve for just 1 weekend at WABX. After that weekend Ken called him back in and offered Steve an ongoing weekend job. Kostan has been working in Detroit Radio ever since.... Steve really does know everything and everybody in Detroit Rock... We could run on forever about our mutual friends and our favorite bands.

Steve with our pals Jim McCarty and Johnny Bee Badanjek

Here is an interesting bit of history Steve told me this morning: Steve, DJ John O'Leary, DJ Chuck Santoni and actor George C Scott all attended Redford High School in Detroit.

Adds Steve: TED NUGENT also went to Redford High in Detroit, Eddie Leighton went to Redford HS too. Didn't know him then.

Steve with Motorcity Rah Rahs Susie Forkin and Wendy Mastal

Steve has an incredible history, we share a lot of the same friends and a passion for Detroit Rock. One of the stories he did tell me today was about MC5 lead singer Rob Tyner. During the 20th anniversary of their song "Kick Out the Jams" Steve got to play guitar with Rob on vocals... How cool is that? Of course he has thousands of stories like that one. We hope Steve writes a book!

Arthur P, Steve Kostan, Karen Savelly and Ken Calvert on the end.

The first person that can write in today and tell me the names of all these Detroit DJ's is going to win a very cool Ruiners Tee Shirt!! retrokimmer@gmail.com I'll give you one hint ..."BABY!" WE have a winner! Larry I'll bring your t shirt with me to Detroit on the 21st...


Just recently Steve was made honored by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for his broadcasting work. How cool is that? Another of our mutual friends, Jack Ashton, called to tell me about that event which led to this me writing this story.

Steve and I are both Race Fans too.... check this video out:

Having been a huge fan of Steve's since he began in Detroit, it was so great to answer the phone today and hear that voice... Thanks so much Steve, for taking the time today and we are definitely going to catch one of your gigs in the D sometime soon... So cool! How lucky is Kimmer?

WCSX’s Steve Kostan Inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

August 22, 2011
Detroit’s Legendary On-Air Personality Steve Kostan (Weekdays 7pm-Mid – 94.7 WCSX Sunday 6-7 Kostan's Classic Rendezvous) has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. FULL STORY HERE

Ken Calvert, 94.7 WCSX Morning Show Host, interviewed Howard Kramer, Curatorial Director at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and Steve Kostan. Kramer said, “There are a number of people we identified who we felt were really great exemplars of people who helped promote Rock and Roll, and Steve certainly falls in that category.

The Rollings Stone "Before They Make Me Run"

The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter"

Read More About Steve

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