Scott (Morgan) and I went out to Gary Burmele's house on Dexter Rd. one night where Johnny and his family were staying. It was just Scott, Johnny, and I and we were sitting around just hanging out shooting the shit. Johnny had on a pink velour shirt. The kind with the zipper turtle neck that were popular in the 60's and black pants.

Johnny loved pink and black together. I had my drum riser done up with pink carpet and black trim for him for our second chance show. Any way, Scott and I are talking to him in the living room and the lights are real low almost non existent, it was winter.

Johnny says to me "Why don't you have Scott join our band?" I said " He's got a band, he's in Sonic's Rendezvous Band" Scott said "yeah I'm already in a band, I'm in Sonic's"

This was shortly after Johnny and Julie Jordan, his wife, had heard "I Need You" on HONEY radio, an oldies station on am radio out of Detroit. They were blown away by Scott's voice and the song. Julie said she wanted to cry after hearing it because it had moved her so much.


So after Johnny asked Scott to join Gang War, he went over to play some songs on his entertainment center and played his Les Paul Jr. along with it on his amplifier which is how he learned to play songs.

The song he played along with was "Suspicion" by Elvis. Not the Terry Stafford one you always hear but Elvis' version which we had never heard before.

After that Scott said "Well lets get going". On the way home he said to me "I wonder where he got that version of Suspicion?" JOHN MORGAN....

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