Before The Moody Blues recorded it, "Go Now" was a Northern Soul single featuring Bessie Banks, it was released in 1964. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller produced this record and it was written by Bessie's husband Larry Banks. I love this version but the Moody Blue's cover is my ultimate favorite...

Denny Laine recalled to Gibson.com how the band came to cover this song: "It came in one of these suitcases full of records from America. This guy, James Hamilton, he was a friend of B. Mitchel Reed, who was a DJ, and he would send this stuff across.

So I picked that one out especially because Mike Pinder was a piano player. (chuckles) We'd always get the gig where the piano would be out of tune and we'd get the slow hand clap because they were waiting to tune the piano… (laughs) Anyway, we did 'Go Now' because it was a song with a piano in it.

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Diane Marie Molinari said...

I can always count on hearing just the song I would like to hear at the moment from you Kimmer!1 Love this song !! <3

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