Bogdon Vasquaf

This past weekend I finally got to meet Chef Bogdon Vasquaf! What a multi talented man! A real charmer as well... Love a man that can cook don't you?

Bogdon's Cherries Jubilee

Bog's set up station

Bogdon is also a fantastic musician and was with the Cadillac Kidz back in the day. We had the great fortune to see Bog play harmonica all night too. I was fascinated with this 6 Harmonicas on a wheel that he brought with him.

Bogdon's 6 Harmonicas on a wheel... so cool!

Bogdon and my dear friend Dee Gilbert

Bogdon and his upright Box Bass

Bog is quite famous for inventing the cardboard box Bass... He has been featured on the History Channel and Talk Soup.. What a great guy and we hope to work with him again soon... May just show up at his home for dinner!! YAY
Introducing the World's First Upright Bass made exclusively from cardboard!

The Bogdon Box Bass represents a reduction of technology and the simplification of needs.

By demonstrating that a quality sound can be achieved by using unconventional material components at an extremely low cost, a cardboard bass guitar places the least demand on resource technology and encourages people to shift their preconceptions about the 'typical novice instrument'.

Cardboard is not a traditional product material, however the introduction of innovative bonding, cutting and structural techniques has provided the opportunity to consider this lightweight and recyclable material in a more creative fashion. Read more on Bogdon's Website

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