Charles Brown

One of my very favorite Christmas tunes.. betcha didn't know this song was written by blues cats... I love all three versions but Don Henley's cover pulls at my heartstrings more than the other two. Cheers! RK

"Please Come Home for Christmas" is a Christmas song, released in 1960, by the American blues singer and pianist Charles Brown.

Hitting Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in December 1961, the tune Brown co-wrote with Gene Redd peaked at position #76. It appeared on the Christmas Singles chart for nine seasons, hitting #1 in 1972.

It includes a number of characteristics of Christmas music, such as multiple references in the lyrics to the Christmas season and Christmas traditions, and the use of a Church bell type sound, created using a piano, at the start of the song. It is sometimes referred to as Bells Will Be Ringing.

In 1978, the Eagles covered and released the song as a single. Their version of the song peaked at #18 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts. The lineup features Don Henley (drums/vocals), Glenn Frey (piano, backing vocals), Joe Walsh (guitar, backing vocals), Timothy B. Schmidt (bass/backing vocals), and Don Felder (lead guitar). Originally released as a vinyl 7" single, it was re-released in the nineties as a CD-single.

Jon Bon Jovi

"Please Come Home for Christmas" was also a 1992 cover version by Jon Bon Jovi that was released on the 1992 holiday album, A Very Special Christmas 2. A promo music video that featured supermodel Cindy Crawford was made to accompany that release.

In 1994 the same recording was released as a charity single in Europe, but this time instead of being credited as a solo recording by Jon Bon Jovi it was released under the band name Bon Jovi. The 1994 single release made the Top Ten in both UK and Ireland.

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