Detroit Bass Player Ron Cooke

Guest Post from Ron Cooke....

Kim here is a little write up on the video...

Well the tale goes like this... I was asked to bring a musical group to the Louder Than Love show. I had been working with the Dead City Prophets but due prior commitments some of the members would not be available well I found that out a few days before the show.

I had to scramble to get in the Rolodex and call some of my old pal's to give me a hand and find my partners Steve Dansby and Rob King who have always been rock solid and they were up for it . I knew that with these guys I could pull it off .

We got together for about an hour or two before the live show and because of there outrageous talent and that over the years we had jammed together all the drama would be put aside and just a kick out the jams attitude would be the order of the day .

As the video shows with just a couple of hours rehearsal we were able to put together a 3 piece band on a stage and rock the house these are some solid cats and cant thank them enough for showing up and backing me .

The name of the band comes from a title of an old blues song about two old junkies that were knock down loaded Steve and I played the song with the lead singer from the Cactus band Rusty Day a long time musical influence and rough and tough Detroiter. In closing I have to say Keith may have his x-pensive Winos but i got my Junko Partners and that's good enough for me.

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