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This story comes from Down Under in Australia. One of the first big music bloggers I met early on is the I-94 Barman... The Barman has taught me so much about various Australian bands and also American ones as well. Barman really knows his stuff and I am happy to share some of his video picks with you today.... Thanks Barman for your help and support these past 3 years... Check out The I-94 Bar site for tons of interviews, reviews and much more HERE

From the BARMAN:

Funny Now (She Blew It) – Sonny Vincent

This is from Sonny’s “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” album, the star-studded 2003 effort that should have crossed him over from punk cult figure to high-profile rocker. Sonny’s a product of the Lower East Side scene whose collaborators have included everyone from Scott Morgan and Scott Asheton to Mo Tucker, Wayne Kramer, Captain Sensible and Cheetah Chrome. The clip’s OK but the song’s better. Sonny’s a top bloke and I was stoked to meet and see him live on a trip to Chicago in 2004, where a few beers were consumed.

Ice – Screaming Tribesmen

The Screaming Tribesmen were the pre-eminent Australian underground band from the 1980s who cracked it for a contract with Ryko in the US and an American tour. Their single “I Got A Feeling” topped the KROQ charts in LA in 1988 and “Ice” is from the same “Bones and Flowers” album. This clip is from some Swedish movie and works perfectly. There were many line-ups of the Tribesmen but the most popular and enduring is the one that played on this song. I followed them for years in Sydney and recently managed them on a short Australian reunion tour.

New Race – Radio Birdman

There are bands and there’s Radio Birdman. They stood like the Colossus of Rhodes over the Australian music scene in the ‘80s, well after their original 1978 break-up. This is from their second show at a place called Paddington Town Hall in Sydney. Support on the night came from the Saints, another legendary group. You can deduce from this that their following was fanatical and it perfectly conveys their energy.

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