At first Sam Giancana and Phyllis McGuire were able to keep their romance a secret, despite Giancana popping up wherever the sisters performed. The FBI knew about the affair but chose not to expose the relationship because they knew the publicity would be detrimental to Phyllis’s career. When Sam and Phyllis were photographed together at a nightclub in London in 1962, the picture was flashed around the world.

The press, not to mention the public, were outraged that Phyllis could associate with a known mobster. Trying to do damage control, Phyllis gave a tearful interview to the powerful gossip columnist Dorothy Kilgallen swearing that she would never see Sam again which was a total lie...

 Photo of Phyllis McGuire's house in NV

The publicity put a damper on her career for a time but there were other problems besides public opinion. While Giancana wasn’t faithful, he expected Phyllis to be. He suspected her of cheating on him with comedian Dan Rowan of TV’s Laugh-In. He even went so far as to try and get his CIA contact Robert Maheu to bug her hotel room to get proof.

In 1961, the FBI bugged their hotel room and knew that they would be stopping over in Chicago on their way to New York.

At O'Hare airport, Giancana was kept at bay while the FBI talked to McGuire to see if she would cooperate with them instead of being subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury. Phyllis agreed to do what they asked, and they took the subpoena back, but she never kept her end of the bargain. 

Giancana was sentenced to jail for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. As a result, Giancana was deposed as boss of the Chicago outfit. After his release, he fled to Mexico.

After about seven years of exile, Giancana was arrested by Mexican authorities in 1974 and deported to the United States. After agreeing to be a witness in the prosecution of organized crime in Chicago, Giancana was murdered by an unknown assailant in his Chicago home while he was cooking dinner in 1975.

Phyllis McGuire, now in her eighties, lives in Las Vegas where she is said to be working on her memoirs. She and her sisters retired in 1968 but have done occasional public appearances since reuniting on stage 1986. She lives in Vegas, with a security staff, and bullet proof windows, as if she thinks someone is going to try to assassinate her.

She had a copy of Eiffel Tower in the middle of her living room because she loves Paris, which is enormous. Also, by the press of a button, her windows automatically become bullet proof and security locked. She showed her precious jewel collection that is so extraordinary that it makes Elizabeth Taylor's collection look like complete child's play.

She said Sam Giancana bought her all of those jewels, which possibly were bought with blood money if you think of it.

Phyllis may have made a ton of money herself and invested it in real estate wisely at the height of her singing career. She is well-known to be a very shrewd businesswoman, she is thought to be a very poor interior decorator...



Unknown said...

Very interesting..... I read this article because I was looking for info. on Phyllis. I originally was reading about Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr. I find all this very fascinating. Oh, how I wish I was young in 1950's - 60's😉

Anonymous said...

HS grad 1951 - 40's and 50's music can't be matched. McGuires were the best till Phyllis went solo. What a tale! I remember when Sam was tagged in his kitchen. Word was he was expecting it. Live by the sword.......

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