Rick Springfield photo: RM213

As the sun dropped down below the horizon, an orange crescent moon hung in the sky, and the electronic synth began to play as 70's and 80's power-pop rocker, Rick Springfield, took the stage.

Rick Springfield photo: RM213

The proclaimed"Rick's Chicks" were a bit older now, but their enthusiasm for this Australian musician was still just as strong. You could tell by their screams for him as he came on stage. His music was high energy, until he broke out the acoustic for a heartfelt song he wrote about his late father. His setlist also included some of his hits like "Affair of the Heart" and"I've Done Everything for You." 

The fans aren't the only ones who gained some years. Springfield mentioned he turns 64 in August, and after his first couple of songs, he said that recovering between songs get's harder as you get older. He then invited the audience to sing happy birthday to him, which was gladly performed.

The beer was flowing and feet were moving. When "Human Touch" came on, Springfield even went out in the audience and gave high fives, shakes, and even kisses on the hand.

Rick Springfield photo: RM213

The screen behind the band played music videos of a younger Springfield, and even scenes from the film Titanic during his songs "Our Ship's Sinking." Springfield has a new album out called "Songs for the End of the World," with a track titled "I Hate Myself 'Cause I Want You" which he also performed.

The Yacht Club parking lot was a surprisingly charming venue, with the river so nearby, and the skyline of Detroit in the distance.

Although the line-up changed, the musicians and audience had no problem exercising their rockin' muscles. 

Despite his impromptu appearance, Ryder and his band are no slouches in the rock and roll department, and the crowd got out of their seats for the Detroit icon. 

 Concert Promoter Brian Major with Mitch Ryder photo: Richard Blondy

The band covered"Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child." He played some of his hit singles like "Devil With A Blue Dress On."

His band was polished, and executed some tasty licks, and rather sick guitar solos, for a crisp and dynamic performance. Even a youngster like myself could appreciate this Detroit gem.

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Anonymous said...

"We were there Mitch was good and Rick just killed it!!!"

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