The Monkees was a pop-rock quartet created in Los Angeles in 1965 for the American television series The Monkees, which aired from 1965 to 1968. The primary members were Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork, who were the public face of a music production system under the supervision of Don Kirshner.

Had a request from my pal Dave Huff to do a bit on one of his favorites! Davy Jones and the Monkees. I liked the Monkees and loved their silly tv show. Here is the cover of the first album I bought and I think it's their best picture ever (above). 

At the start, the band members provided vocals, and were given some performing and production opportunities, but they eventually fought for and earned the right to collectively supervise all musical output under the band's name. The group undertook several concert tours, allowing an opportunity to perform as a live band as well as on the TV series.

When the show was cancelled in 1968, the band continued releasing records until 1971. In the 1980s, the television show and music experienced a revival, which led to a series of reunion tours, and new records featuring various incarnations of the band's lineup.


Anonymous said...

OOOH we loved Peter Tork! Davy was tooshort, Mickey too manic, and Mike well that hair!!!

Michael said...

Great Blog! I love the sixties. My blog is centered on the fifties, but it occasionally crosses barely over into your decade. Come and visit me some time. I just dropped on you, by the way. It's a blogger blog called Fifties Nostalgia. You can probably figure out the URL.

Michael said...

I read somewhere years ago tht Peter Tork's mother invented white-out, or something like that. Or Liquid Paper. Maybe that was it. She's probably hurting for business today.

BillyWarhol said...

Goodbye Sleepy Jean*

U got some great Classics on here*

loved seeing Liza Warhol + Twiggy*

+ Mitch Ryder*********

;)) Peace*

mousewords said...

I loved the Monkees!

They were all cute, but Mike was my favorite--he was the leader guy, and I was such a sucker for those. :-)

PS: about Liquid Paper--there will always be a market for it as long as there are crossword puzzles. ;-)

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