The Ace of Swords represents the need for the clarity of mind to make bold decisions and the courage to act upon them.

If you currently find yourself struggling with confusion or fearful of the consequences of a particular decision, this card is telling you to face up to your fears and blow the confusion away with some bold decision making.

Imagine a warrior, sword in hand, poised and ready to either attack or defend. Reflect inwards for a moment and check to see if a decision is required as an act of self defense or as a statement of pro-activity.

If you are feeling smothered or bullied by someone in your life, (your boss or spouse perhaps), the Ace of Swords is suggesting you can 'defend' yourself by making a decision right now to lay some boundaries, say 'NO', or tell them what you will no-longer tolerate.

Of course, you can also choose to make pro-active rather than re-active decisions, and follow through with the appropriate action. Imagine the warrior charging forward pointing his sword in the direction he is heading. It's good imagery for the proactive nature of this Ace.

Sometimes there's a jungle of obstacles between you and your goals. To cut through this jungle, it helps to keep your focus on your goal, not the challenges that stand in your path.

You may have to sever a bond or tie to someone or some situation that no longer serves you, and this can be scary. However, to be free to attract what you want, you have to decide to let go of things first.

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