The House Always Wins: A Vegas Ghost Story (Huntington Press). Las Vegas isn’t all bright lights, slot machines and Elvis Presley preachers. There’s a lot more to the town and its history — good, bad and ugly — than the average gambling tourist realizes. Rouff , who now lives in Vegas, knows all-too-well the local side of Sin City, one full of scandal, mystique and a rich past. It is this true version of Las Vegas that weaves deeply into all his novels.

The House Always Wins follows a young reporter in a dead-end job. When she falls in love, the couple pulls up stakes and moves to Las Vegas, into a big fixer-upper. The couple soon realizes that they’re not the only ones living in that old, historic home — it’s haunted by the ghost of a famous Sin City racketeer.

Despite this unusual and unexpected extra resident, Anna pours her heart and soul into renovating the home. So, when she receives a letter from a corrupt casino owner that he’s buying up all the properties on her street to make way for a parking lot, she digs in hard to fight the system – not the easiest of tasks in a city where bribery, mayhem, and murder are standard operating procedures.

Can Anna’s tough-guy ghost provide the help she needs to prevail in this dangerous cat-and-mouse game? Or will Anna’s life be left in ruins — or worse?

For more information, visit www.brianrouff.com and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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