Walter Krueger

Watching Dorothy Gale skip down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City was a magical moment in most people's childhood.

But for one man, that moment was the start of an obsession - which has now led to him having one of the world's biggest collections of Wizard Of Oz memorabilia.

Walter Krueger, 28, from near Chicago, Il., became so enchanted with the adventures of Dorothy and her friends that he spent the past two decades filling his house with Oz characters, clothes and artwork - which he says are now worth more than half a million dollars.Read more:

The Wizard of Oz is a notable classic movie filled with loveable and memorable characters. The popularity of the movie, which first debuted in 1939, continues to reach generation after generation.

Because of the success of the first movie, there have been many renditions for each generation to fall in love with. You may be one of the many individuals who own a copy of the movie which could be a good starting ground if the love of the movie leads you to desire a collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. Here are some tips to get you started on your Wizard of Oz collectibles.

'When I was younger I was bullied horribly at school for being gay and when I was 16 my mother passed away.

'Oz became a refuge, it was something to cling on to - I can’t imagine going through that without it.'

He said: 'My Oz collection is everywhere, you walk in through my front door and there’s artwork on the walls, it greets you as you walk in. And an Oz room as any collector would know is a room that just has amassed anything of the same theme - I have two of those in my house.

'There are costumes and dolls and toys and everything you can imagine.'

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Dj said...

I would be so excited to visit your home and see all the amazing oz memorabil'ia and collection that you do have.... Just a dream somewhere over the rainbow..but dreams really do come to...

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