If you have a musician in your family – or someone who just loves music – there are several gifts out in cyberspace for them to enjoy this holiday season.

Here is a sampling of the top six gifts from various music Websites:

1. StagePas400BT by Yamaha

The StagePas 400BT provides a complete portable professional audio system package. It includes two speakers, a detachable power mixer, and features wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which will allow you to pare the PA system with a tablet or smartphone. You can also visit the Yamaha Website for more information about other models of the StagePas. 

2. Crossley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage Suitcase Turntable

The Crossley features a wireless Bluetooth receiver, a turntable that plays 33 1/3, 45, and 75 RPM records, and full-range speakers. It is designed as a briefcase style so it is easy to close and transport. It also comes in nine colors, such as turquoise and hot pink! This seems to be a popular gift for 2018. You can also find out more about turntables similar to the Crossley at music store central.

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3. AKG K 24 Professional Studio Headphones

These are considered a value for the money. Music lovers describe the sound you will experience with the AKG professional studio headphones “punchy” and “crisp.” In addition, the cable on the headphones is replaceable when they get worn out. The headphones come with a stereo plug for phones and computers, as well as an adapter. These can also be used with professional recording equipment and audio gear.

4. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

This is a fun gift for a music lover of any age – not just a teenager. Operators can create an entire song on this pocket-sized melody synthesizer that includes 16 unique sounds to provide a variety of effects. The pocket operator can also be used as a standalone device or with other operators or third-party jam gear. There are also several offshoots of the Pocket Operator, including a rhythm drum sequencer, a deep bass line synthesizer, and a melody synthesizer that creates keyboard-style effects.

5. Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter Kit

The Kala ukulele is the instrument used most often in schools as a starter kit. The kit also includes free app with tuner, free lessons online, a Kala tote bag, and a how-to booklet. The ukulele comes in light mahogany and with a traditional Hawaiian etching on it.

6.Marshall Mini-Stack Series, MS-2R Micro Guitar Amplifier

Weighing only 13.4 ounces, the Marshall Mini-Stack amplifier still is a heavy weight. The amplifier features volume control and a headphone jack. It is compact, does not take up a lot of space, and is easy to travel with – plus, it comes in bright red! People like this little amp because it carries the Marshall name and it’s a decent practice amplifier.

As you can see there are many interesting gifts for musicians, including the portable professional audio system, to the engineering pocket operator and Marshall Mini-Stack amplifier.

For music lovers, they can enjoy the vinyl turntable, the headphones and the ukulele starter kit. Other musical ideas for gifts this year include from Music Store Central: Vinyl Record Disc Coasters; iClip Magnetic Music Page Markers; and a 3D LED Piano Lamp.

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