Music Festival Vaping Etiquette
While you understand a smoker’s desire to smoke at any given place or situation, a non-smoker can hardly sympathize if they’re being engulfed in a big pile of smoke. This is the problem many non-smokers face with people who smoke; they have a hard time understanding the fact that they can’t smoke anywhere.

Some countries have rules to ban public smoking –– you literally can’t smoke in any public place. Yet, in others, you can smoke at any given place. Ever been on a bus ride with a person smoking in that closed of a space? It’s not fun!

What’s even weirder is that since vaping started making waves in smokers’ circles, many people using vape have assumed that it is okay to smoke around people just because it’s not as suffocating as a normal cigarette.

What is vaping?
On the off chance you have no idea what a vape is, it’s basically an electronic cigarette. There are several types of e-cigarettes. Most contain a mouthpiece, a tank, a battery, and some other components. The exceptions are mechanical cigarettes, also known as vape mod devices.

Those don’t contain electricity and are a bit stronger than the e-cigarette. Vaping in general has been associated with helping smokers stop smoking, but its effects in the long run are still unknown.

Vapes are supplied with liquids that come in different flavors –– and some of them are just plain weird! And therein lies the problem. You’re sitting in an office trying to do some work, and suddenly you smell burnt mangos or milk or whatever flavor they’re using.

When you try to inquire as to what the hell is going on, you find your coworker telling you this isn’t a cigarette; it hasn’t even set the fire alarm! Or even worse, at a music festival, you’re out there rocking to your favorite band tunes, and then a wave of weird smelling smoke engulfs you. True, it isn’t as bad as normal cigarettes, but it still can be cause for much discomfort to a non-smoker. There are rules and etiquette to be followed if you want to vape around people in an open space.

Vaping at music festival etiquette
Just do as you would do with a normal cigarette. You need to ask yourself first, am I standing next to someone? Vaping in close proximity can be quite distasteful and annoying, so it’s best to keep your distance from people while vaping.

Then you need to check if the space you’re in is confined or not. Vaping in an open field is not the same as vaping in a closed stadium. If it’s an open field, then make sure you’re not next to anyone and fire away. But if it’s a closed stadium, chances are your vape smoke is going to disturb a person, whether you notice it or not.

Believe it or not, even if you’re standing next to a person who’s smoking, it’s polite to ask if you can smoke next to them. That might sound weird, but it’s just common decency to ask if you can invade their personal space with your smoke.

Actually, any smoker should ask this question if surrounded by people. God knows the world would be a much better place if people had the courtesy to respect each other’s personal space and lungs.

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