There are things in this world that leave us feeling in ways we will never be quite able to explain.

For some, it might be the sunset over the ocean and a glass of white wine at the end of a long week. For others, the smile on a child’s face when they’re playing with a new toy or after their pet a dog for the very first time. Heck, it might even be a small piece of chocolate they’ve been craving the entire day, a hug from a loved one or a really long nap.

Some of these things are so special and beautiful that the feelings they convey can be considered universal. And this is very much what happens with music. It’s almost – some would even go as far as saying outright – impossible to find a human being who doesn’t enjoy this wonderful gift life has given us. More than enjoying, being absolutely taken by it and transported to a whole other plane of existence, where everything ceases to be the same.

There’s something about the way instruments come together to produce sounds that are able to make us dance, cry, or simply listen in complete awe. Music sticks with us throughout our entire lives, and is often present in some of the most significant moments we live through, whether it is a wedding, a party with friends or just small moments of solitude and deep reflection.

The music captures our hearts because we find meaning in it, even if this meaning tends to vary from one individual to another. And although the charts are popping with very upbeat, buoyant songs, ingrained with repetitive lyrics and high pitched voices, many still find that older music, the kind that you can find being played by new bands in Brisbane, with soft chords and mellow beats, paired with vibrant strings and lovely melodies, is the kind that touches them most.

This is the sort of music that travels through your body, all the way from your head to the tip of your toes, and fills you with such an overwhelming cluster of feelings you might find yourself shedding a tear. Older music is poetry come to life, it’s food for thought, a soundtrack for the moments that will suddenly play and replay inside of your mind while you closely listen to it. It comes to a point where it ceases to be only music and becomes something more, something intangible, something one can’t describe – only feel.

Even if you believe in listening to today’s top hits on repeat, once you give old music a try, you’ll find it very hard to let go of. All music is wonderful, and, undoubtedly, worthy of being loved. However, being in touch with the magic that this kind of songs in particular entail, is an experience very difficult to match.

It’s not just that it captures your heart, it goes deeper than that. Once you close your eyes and listen, it captures your entire being. The kind of music that is able to make you simultaneously forget about everything and, somehow, remember so much, is nothing short of an out of this world experience.

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