The history of CP Company

C.P. Company is a world-famous apparel outfit dating back to the 70s. The company was founded in 1975 by the Italian designer, Massimo Osti under the name Chester Perry. But afterwards, it had to give up the name after a court case.

Two clothing brands, both English in origin, sued the company for using their surnames. The companies were Chester Barry and Fred Perry. Osti then chose to change the name of the brand to C.P., a more evolved name that is still making ripples in the fashion industry today.

Right from the start, Massimo’s apparel company was different from any other brand in this space. For instance, he made use of fabric printing methods that were previously only reserved for paper. His experience in graphic design helped a lot in this endeavor.

He did not stop there. Massimo also experimented with new garment dyeing methods. This spirit of research and innovation is still alive and well at C.P Company today.

That is why the company is popular today for making some iconic garments such as the Mille Miglia jacket, which was a phenomenal hit in the late eighties.

Ownership Changes over the Years
Osti would give up ownership of the company in 1984 after he sold off his shares to GFT. Nevertheless, he still stayed with the company as it's stylist for one more decade.

A year prior, in 1993, Carlo Rivetti acquired the company. He changed the name of the company to C.P. Company to Sportswear Company.

After that, the company changed hands two more times. Currently, it is owned by Hong Kong’s Tristate Holdings Limited.

Since its establishment, the company is projected to have made more than 40 thousand garments.

The company has chosen to focus on researching and designing military uniforms. In fact, many of its clothing is inspired by military designs, which is often the reason its products turn out to be highly functional and innovative.

Even today, the company places a lot focus on researching and designing military uniforms and work suits; which is why the focus on functionality and use remains as it has been over the years.

Each garment undergoes a rigorous process to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. All this happens in the company’s laboratories, which focus on producing the very best products in order to uphold the brand’s strong reputation in the industry.

Over the years, C.P company has broadened its collections to accommodate the style and usage needs of modern shoppers.

C.P. Company has been around for well 4 decades. At that time, despite changes in its ownership and management, the company has upheld its famous reputation for making useful and functional garments based on designs inspired by the military.

The creativity is what continues to draw people to the brand, and the cutting edge design and innovativeness keeps many people loyal to the brand.

The company continues to experiment and make garments that have fresh technical properties and innovative design details, all focused on improving the functionality of each garment. Many top online clothing stores have many designs by this company.

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