Despite how long ago it was played, a metal song never loses its charm and allure. There is truly something about these songs that makes them timeless. If you are a fan of old metal songs and happened to have missed out on some great hits, this article is for you. The songs mentioned below are sure to entertain and surprise you considering the time in which the lyrics were written, and the thought that went into writing them.

The songwriters’ experimentation led to a new generation of musicians that you listen to now, without an inkling of their predecessors in the genre.

1. Raining blood
This song by American band Slayer, was part of their album Reign in Blood (1986). The lyrics are mainly focused upon religion, and speak of heaven as an overthrown entity. The subject makes the song an entity voicing spiritual expression.

The piece seems to have an ending, channeling effects similar to that of rain. It is a personal favorite of the musicians for live shows and that of audiences as well. The song has made appearances in popular video games such as Guitar Hero III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

2. Master of Puppets
The heavy metal band Metallica released this song in the year 1986, under the record label Elektra Records. At the time, it was their first song released under a major record label. The association with the label showed a visible increase in the band’s prominence in the music industry, and there are dedicated sites where you can read more on this great piece.

Also, the song became the first thrash metal album to be certified under the platinum category, as it soared to the 29th position in the reputed Billboard 200. This popular song was made prominent to the people outside the music industry as well, by its discussion of the political climate at the time.

3. Walk
This piece of music was created by heavy metal band Pantera and released in the year 1993. The music belongs to the genre of groove metal. It was a song from the album Vulgar Display of Power and has a personalized tone to it, as stated by musician Phil Anselmo. The subject was close to the heart of the band musicians as it denoted their frustration with friends.

Their friends started treating them differently as they assumed that popularity as rock stars must have changed the band members. However, this was not true according to Phil who wanted these friends to walk away with their assumptions.

4. Chop Suey!
System of a Down, an Armenian-American band released the song "Chop Suey!” as a single in their second album termed Toxicity. The song’s popularity can be measured by the fact that the music gained the band their first Grammy nomination in the year 2002 under the category of Best Metal Performance.

This piece of music was placed in the first position in the list of The Best Hard-Rock Songs Of the 21st Century by Loudwire. The song has a biblical reference to Jesus. Also, it questions the different treatment of the dead, depending on the way they passed away.

5. In waves
In waves’, the album by Trivium got its name from their single of the same name. The musical piece was released in the year 2011. In June the same year, the song was performed live at Birmingham.

The song featured drummer Nick Augusto for the very first time and sounded much different than other singles released by the same band. The video showcases the band members moving around and exploring a place similar to a swamp, may be channeling the obscurity in their minds or in the surroundings.

6. Bleed
This particular song by Messhugah was previously known as Aneurysm. The concept is similarly based on an aneurysm in one’s brain, which means an internal bulging and bleeding caused by the passage of blood through a weakened blood vessel. The lyrics for this song was written in English by drummer Tomas Haake. Upon release in the year 2008, the song gained over 12 million views.

Hope that the article proved useful to you in terms of a few good songs gained, along with background details that sought to enrich your experience of listening to the songs. Also, the songs must have drawn you into the integrated world of total bliss and heightened energy and made your headbang. It must have been an absolute pleasure to be introduced to music that helps you understand the societal ways by a questioning of issues presented as facts.

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