L-R Lenny Brenner, Bill Gaines of Mad Magazine, Antonio Prohias Angelo Torres & Nick Meglin, some of the staff of Mad Magazine

Today we have a very cool guest post from his daughter Susana (Suzi)

L to R Niece Jessica, sister Marta, brother Antonio, nephews Eric and Cesar, 
me, niece Allyssa Mom  & Dad center

Shortly after Fidel Castro seized power over Cuba in 1960, the legendary political cartoonist of Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy, Antonio Prohias was forced to flee his home in Cuba.  His political cartoons had angered Fidel Castro and he was about to be sent to the "Wall".

Antonio landed in New York City. With the help of his oldest daughter Marta who spoke English, he went to the offices of Mad Magazine to apply for a job. Smartly they hired him!

Susana Prohias in Miami

Suzi Prohais: Notes From My Father

I was living in Miami with my mom and my older sister and brother, My father was in New York working with Mad Magazine. I was suddenly taken out of the public school system and put into a private Catholic school owned by Cubans.

Every morning we sang the American national anthem and the Cuban national anthem. My classes were bi-lingual, I even had to study the History and Geography of Cuba. So the day I was taken to get my school uniforms, this picture was taken to be sent to my father in New York.

Her dad sent the spies to watch over Suzi!

Later on, my report cards were sent to him and things were not looking good. I was constantly put in detention and my grades were very bad. I wanted to write poetry, music, and dance. In fact, when my teacher asked me what did I want to be when I grew up I replied "a Go-Go Dancer"

My mom was called to the school for a meeting. I was mostly referring to the dancers I would watch on American Bandstand with the white boots and the cool people I'd watch on the Soul Train show on Saturday mornings. I could not understand what the problem was. So report card after report card I got an 'F" in conduct.

There was talk that I might even get expelled. So my dad would send me letters telling me how important it was that I would at least behave in school and included in the envelope were these notes he would draw for me. My dad always called me Susanita!

Susana Prohias AKA Suzi Queen Moon is a bilingual Singer/Songwriter of Cuban descent born in Miami Beach, Florida. Susana is the daughter of Cuban political cartoonist Antonio Prohias and the creator of Spy Vs Spy for Mad Magazine in the U.S.A.

Her latest composition "I Spy on You" is a Spy vs Spy theme song produced by Susana as a tribute to her father. As well as her new C.D. Titled "In the Spirit of the Light" to be released this year.


Suzi Queen Moon currently lives in Los Angeles, California, she is currently producing a documentary about her father, Antonio Prohias and continues to perform and write music.​

With over a decade of intensive studies, Suzi Queen Moon is an Intuitive Arts Counselor using Astrology, Tarot and many other spiritual faculties in her personal coaching sessions with her clients.

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