The Beatles defined music and popular culture like no other band -- but how exactly did they make the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars in the '60s? Featuring unique and revealing interviews from those involved in the early years of The Beatles, in THE BEATLES: MADE ON MERSEYSIDE, home audiences will discover the story of Fab Four's ascent from Liverpool and Hamburg to the pinnacle of rock success.

Recounting how American rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues dragged post-war Liverpool into one of the most vibrant music cities ever with the Mersey Sound, this acclaimed doc delves into the young history of the Fab Four, their early band iterations and why it took so long for them to break through the noise. From school bands to colleges, Hamburg to The Cavern Club, The Beatles moved from skiffle to rock 'n' roll before creating their own unique sound that took the world by storm.

With newly filmed contributions from the "fifth Beatle" Pete Best, Quarrymen Colin Hanton and Len Garry, Brian Epstein's business associate Joe Flannery, The Beatles first-ever secretary Freda Kelly, original Mersey Beat magazine owner Bill Harry, and flatmates of John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe, this acclaimed doc charts the original music and the energy and excitement that led to the explosion of Beatlemania and one of the most influential and beloved bands in history.

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