So you want to pick up a new instrument? That’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed; entering the music realm is something that is completely new for you. It’s normal to seek help at the beginning; we all need guidance when we’re standing on unfamiliar grounds. But, just like anything else, playing a new instrument needs practice, patience, and dedication. These are the basic things that you need to do, especially that you are just starting out. Later on, you won’t feel like you’re exerting any effort when you’re used to your musical routine.

Getting the Instrument

When you have chosen an instrument, let it introduce itself to you. Meaning, don’t just pick an instrument out of interest and blindly decide that this is the one you are going to play. It’s the same thing when you meet a new person or a potential pet, you don’t just let them into your life without a solid introduction about them, and then if you connect with them you obviously let them into your life. So, for instance, if you choose to play the guitar don’t stop there. Get to know its family. The guitar comes from the string family, which includes violin, ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar, and the cello. If you feel connected to the instrument and how it feels like, you could maybe learn how to play any instrument from the string family in the future.

Take lessons

There are a lot of people who like to be self-taught and enjoy teaching themselves, and there are other people who don’t. It’s alright if you feel this way, especially if you are a new piano student. If you still didn’t get the hang of playing the piano and feel as though you constantly need reassurance, then maybe it’s time for you to look up a piano teacher near me on Google. Besides, getting a lesson from a specialized person is much better than learning on your own. Music tutors can help you with professional tips; they’ll spot bad habits that you’re developing while playing your instrument and guide you in the right direction.

Choose a genre

It’s essential that you pick a specific tone or genre to stick with when you’re starting out. Here’s the thing, when you’re still taking your baby steps with an instrument, your ears are familiarizing themselves with the sound that each key produces. Same genre songs have the same sound to them, which is going to help you learn faster. Changing between genres is not the best thing you can do when you’re just starting out; you can do that when you feel like you have a good grip on your instrument and you know your way around a certain genre.

Learning how to play an instrument isn’t such a hard thing to do; all you have to do is to take it one day at a time and play it every day. Dedication is key, especially when you’re in a new territory. Make sure you feel connected to your instrument and that you love the way it sounds. Familiarize yourself with your instrument and its family as well. Start looking for tutors if you feel like you need to take lessons. And, finally, don’t forget to pick a genre and play it until you’ve mastered your way around it.

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