Sesame Street was the coolest TV series for kids. Politicians, actors and many famous musicians appeared as guests on SS. It was great for us babysitters because it wasn't painful to sit through 50 times with the kiddies. My daughter was totally into Ernie. She never forgave me for putting Ernie into the washing machine! Thought I was abusing him!

I still love the music and the characters that were so memorable. My favorite was Grover. I loved them all really...


On November 10, 1969, “Sesame Street,” a pioneering TV show that would teach generations of young children the alphabet and how to count, makes its broadcast debut. “Sesame Street,” with its memorable theme song (“Can you tell me how to get/How to get to Sesame Street”), went on to become the most widely viewed children’s program in the world. It has aired in more than 120 countries.

The show was the brainchild of Joan Ganz Cooney, a former documentary producer for public television. Cooney’s goal was to create programming for preschoolers that was both entertaining and educational.

She also wanted to use TV as a way to help underprivileged 3- to 5- year-olds prepare for kindergarten. “Sesame Street” was set in a fictional New York neighborhood and included ethnically diverse characters and positive social messages.

Joan Ganz Cooney

Taking a cue from “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In,” a popular 1960s variety show, “Sesame Street” was built around short, often funny segments featuring puppets, animation, and live actors.

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