The 1955 Mercury Montclair is a gorgeous car. Especially in black though red is very nice as well. The vehicle name was introduced in 1955 and applied to Mercury's premium automobile line.

Ford historians are at a loss as to where the name originated; the consensus is that it's taken from the upper-class community of Montclair, New Jersey.

For 1955 and 1956, The Montclair featured Mercury's best appointments; extra chrome trim, and different two-tone paint combinations to set them apart from other Mercury products.

The 1955 Mercury redesign is considered one of the best of what was a banner year for nearly every domestic American automaker.

The Sun Valley

The full-size and top-line Montclair was Mercury’s newest model, and with a height of 58.6 inches, it was marketed as the lowest sedan you could buy. The coupe shared the Ford Crown Victoria body and included the glass top Sun Valley, of which only 1,787 were made.

Body styles also included a four-door sedan, two-door hardtop, and a convertible. The Montclair was powered by a 292-cid, 198-hp, OHV V-8 and slightly more than 100,000 were sold.

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