Land-based casinos are dynamic places where a lot of things occur. The larger ones have thousands of employees and host amazing stories of success and failure. Not only this (for example, best online casino Canada real money is too), but they have hosted some world records.

Bacon Cheeseburger

It is always good to start with food. Minnesota’s Casino holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bacon cheeseburger who was heavy 914 kilograms. The previous record-holder was more than twice less the weight of the Minnesota beast. It took a crane to flip the patty and it took hours for the meat to be cooked.  The burger was three meters wide and had 18 km of cheese and another 18 of pickles, 27 kg of bacon and 23 kg of lettuce and sliced onions. When the burger was finished, all of the gamblers helped in eating it and it had an estimated 4 million calories. Talk about bad cholesterol.

Guitar Smashing

Some people adore guitar smashes whilst some strongly oppose it saying that it is a waste of good guitars. We’ll get to that later. In 2010 in Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 1914 people smashed their acoustic guitars as part of the big opening. The guitars weren’t playable or at least the Hard Rock Hotel said so and they also donated $50k of real guitars to local schools’ musical sections. Not too shabby. But still, it always feels like such a waste of guitars and wood.

Two World Records in One Card Throw

Rick Smith Junior managed to beat two World Records at the same time in 2002 in Cleveland. The card throw reached almost 66 meters making it the farthest throw but it was also flying at the speed of 92 mph which accounted for the fastest throw. If this card hit a person, there would be serious if not fatal injuries. The same magician also set two more World Records in 2014 and 2015 for the most accurate throw and the highest throw of almost 22 meters.

The Biggest Blackjack Table

This is an extremely fun record and it was set in California in 2012. The table is approximately 200 square meters of area and the dealer stands in the middle of the table whilst the game lasts.

The Biggest Slots Tournament

The tournament included more than 3000 players and the winner received $21k and a trip to Las Vegas for a second tournament. These are just some of the world records set in casinos and there are numerous others. Share your story with us in the comments section.


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