February 7, 2020 – Alternative indie/folk artist Sea Wolf has released a contemplative new song, “Forever Nevermore”, along with an illustrative new video. The track depicts a specific, transformative moment in time with vivid imagery and a driving melody, as the narrator tries to move on while reflecting on what has transpired. “Forever Nevermore” is off Sea Wolf’s first new album in six years, Through A Dark Wood, which releases on March 20 via Dangerbird Records.

Watch the “Forever Nevermore” video via Youtube:

“The song ‘Forever Nevermore’ is set in a very particular place and time, and I like videos that aren’t literal interpretations. The director Jacob Epstein came up with something that was unrelated, and yet there are enough easter eggs to connect it to the song and the larger narrative of the album,” explains Sea Wolf frontman Alex Brown Church. “The video takes place in Los Angeles, where I live, but I’m living out of a suitcase somewhere. I’m connecting with my friends and there’s this new romantic interest, so it seems like life has maybe moved on from the events in the lyrics, but I’m also seemingly trapped in a loop, unable to move forward. The song is about uncertainty really, and here I am perhaps still trapped in the feedback loop of that uncertainty.”

Sea Wolf has garnered a reputation for Church’s poignant delivery and dexterity as a songwriter, first capturing attention with his 2007 breakout track “You’re A Wolf" off the debut full-length, Leaves In The River. After releasing two more studio albums and one stripped-down LP, Church began recording the next Sea Wolf record, but ultimately decided to scrap it. He felt the songs did not reflect the significant life changes he was experiencing, and instead took time away to score an independent feature before returning musically rejuvenated and ready to dig even deeper. The result is his most personal, introspective album to date.

Through A Dark Wood is a compelling collection of songs that showcase Church’s ability to gracefully illustrate deep, complicated human emotions. As cathartic as it is triumphant, the new album explores themes surrounding relationships, loss, the magnitude of current events, and ultimately the process of coming out on the other side. Church's strikingly honest lyrics are wrapped around expansive melodies, with pounding drum machines and a stunning string quartet that push his sound forward and offer an underlying sense of hope throughout. The captivating debut track “Fear of Failure” is a testament to the strength found in confronting internal demons, and FLOOD Magazine called it “more intimate than anything Church has done before.”

Listen to "Forever Nevermore" across all streaming platforms:

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