This event looks like big fun for all of us Mob Movie addicts! I received a lovely email the other inviting me to come to the Mob Movie con as I am a True Crime blogger/writer. I love my email!

Hello Kim, my name is Gunner Alan Lindbloom (Tocco) and I think we have spoken before. Maybe. I’m reaching out because I’ve been invited to co-host the first-ever Mob Movie Con, as host in charge of writers. I have assembled the greatest panel of true crime and mafia writers the world has ever seen, for a series of interactive fan discussions. 

Since I know you’re a true crime person, and an expert on my family, I thought I’d invited you to attend the event. Very big deal. Huge actors. The biggest in the business. Over 150 media outlets. And if you have anything you’d like to exhibit, I can help with that.

The invitation came from Gunner Lindbloom aka Gunner Detroit who has such an interesting life story so far they need a reality show about this guy! Heads up ID Network and Reelz. After I read his email I wanted to know more about his story so I contacted him.

MobMovieCon is from the creators of SopranosCon, fans can come and celebrate the mob movie genre like never before. They will also be hosting the first-ever Mob Movie Awards. Tons of our very favorite mob movie cast and crew will be on hand to meet and greet with attendees at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City April 18-19. They are looking for volunteers so if you'd like to join the fun click hereGET TICKETS

Back to Gunner Detroit: He is originally from Grosse Pointe and his mom was Grace Tocco (rip) of the famed Tocco family in Detroit. Gunner grew up connected. He ended up in the Michigan Prison system for 13 years. He did not waste away while incarcerated, he began writing novels.

From GunnerDetroit.com

Gunner was once described by the FBI as “an enforcer for elements of the Detroit Mafia.” Eventually, He ended up in prison for 13-50 years. But something magical happened in those cold dark prison cells. He discovered a love for writing. During his time he wrote nine complete novels.

The day after he was released, he married his best friend, soulmate, and very talented Maria. A few months later, Gunner published his TO BE A KING novels, Volume 1 & Volume 2. Within days Volume #1 cracked the top #50 in its genre. Both volumes currently have 5-star reviews across the board.

Shortly after releasing his books, he then created an Our Thing Hoodie for himself and that inspired his own clothing/accessories line  “OUR THING” Apparel. Very cool stuff on that site..Detroiters will love his items!

Gunner is also featured on National Crime Syndicate

It was great chatting yesterday and I know Gunner will achieve great things in the future!

Follow Gunner Detroit:

Website: GunnerDetroit.com
Facebook: Author Gunner Alan Lindbloom
Instagram: Author Gunner Alan Lindbloom
National Crime Syndicate: Interview with Gunner Detroit

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