My favorite TV show of all time....so far anyway....

By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic

The Writers Guild announced its 101 best-written TV series on Sunday night, and it will surprise exactly no one to learn that David Chase and "The Sopranos" topped the list, followed closely by "Seinfeld" (Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, creators) at No. 2.

Beyond being consistently splendid shows, both helped usher in the current golden age of television. "The Sopranos" officially established HBO, and by extension cable's, reputation for cinematic television, while "Seinfeld" took mainstream comedy existential.

Retro Kimmer

For these shows and their creators, this list is not only suitable for framing and tweeting but it's also good for Renewed Interest that could lead to a Potential Ratings Bump. Which most (though not all) shows that make these sorts of lists inevitably need. (Biggest beneficiary: Netflix, with the resurrected "Arrested Development" and many older shows.)

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  1. I going to put in a plug for well-written show that I believe actually influenced creators of The Sopranos: The Rockford Files. Female producers and writers brought in a different spin for the era, not only with the title character continually getting shafted or used by clients with no happy ending in sight, but also for their prescient characterizations of mob characters. Their writers delighted in showing the banal normalcy of the families, with capo dons yelling at kids to get off their lawns while underlings in tow FURIOUSLY brown-nosing their bosses. Humorous and sly, so much of the time...


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