Anthony J. Zerilli

Anthony J. Zerilli, the son of a former Detroit mob boss, convinced the FBI and media that he was certain Hoffa would be found covered in a slab of concrete in an Oakland Township field, where he was buried alive after being hit over the head with a shovel. As the media kept us captivated with wild speculation, Zerilli sold transcripts and autographed pictures of himself on a website he created now taken down.

Retired FBI Special Agent John Anthony says Zerilli is credible.

"This is the first time where you have an individual who has the credentials he was and is a major player in organized crime at that time and would have credibility," said Anthony.

Tony Zerilli says Jimmy Hoffa was killed and buried at a property 20 miles from the old Machus Red Fox restaurant, a rural property with a house and a barn owned by a member of the Detroit mafia.

Zerilli was never taken to the site but now with the help of a private eye property records were run against what he knows.

Zerilli says the location is Buell Road just east of Adams road, north of Orion Road in Oakland Township. But still no Jimmy Hoffa...Read More on Clickon4

Anthony Joseph Zerilli, born October 24, 1927 in Detroit, Michigan to Giuseppi and Josephine Zerilli, passed away of natural causes while residing in his Weston, Florida home with his beloved wife, Rosalie.

His Legacy is carried on by his wife, five children and their spouses, sixteen grandchildren, one step-grandchild, and twelve

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