Jack White
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Home boy Jack White came to the rescue and saved my favorite gorgeous venue The  Magnificent Masonic in DETROIT!! from auction.. It is through no fault of the current management, that these bills had not been paid... This was a sad situation when people took over management 2 years ago to "help" and ran off with the profits... and now for the GOOD NEWS!

Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple announced Tuesday, June 4, 2013, that White made a $142,000 donation to cover the delinquent tax bill for the prominent music venue that has hosted such groups as The Who and the Rolling Stones over the decades.

DETROIT (AP) — Musician Jack White has played springtime Santa, paying a $142,000 back tax bill for Detroit's historic Masonic Temple. The move prevents a threatened auction of the famed venue where The Who and the Rolling Stones once played.

Last Thursday, a then-anonymous donor paid off the famed music venue's entire 2010-2012 tax delinquency. The 14-story Masonic Temple was days away from being put up for sale.


Jeff Bailey said...

Great work Mr. Jack White. I saw so many good shows there, it would be a shame to see it disappear. Kim, please pass along my thanks.

Stan B. Mikelsavage said...

Thanks Jack! Saw The Who there. Sound was awesome!

Mark Work said...

Great story! Lot's of memories in that hall. For me, Elvis Costello 1979, B52's 1980 -I might be forgetting a few..

Parvo said...

was just there in December and saw Patti Smith with all the other Detroit groups that Jackson Smith plays with and Jennifer Westwood... singing Christmas music!!! They say they are doing it next year.. it's a charity event for gleaners food bank! My first time was the large auditorium when I saw Yule Brenner in the King and I.. I so happy he did this.. I had thought of him of doing something like this.. Now we just need to get that city manager of the back of the DIA ... I am so angry that they are entertaining the idea of selling some of the collections.. that is the last thing that we have that brings people to the city... if we lose that.."

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