WHO: Chris Jones aka Jonezen

WHAT: Live Performance

WHEN: Friday, June 28, 10:45pm

WHERE: Central SAPC, 1348 14th St Santa Monica, CA 90404


CHRIS JONES (aka JONEZEN), a talented rapper/songwriter/guitarist from Cali, just found out a few days ago that he’s been nominated by the Los Angeles Music Awards (http://www.lamusicawards.net/) in two categories: Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Social Media Artist. That’s pretty cool for a brand new artist who is just releasing his debut CD, Live From Rehab.

Chris will be performing his unique and heartfelt, socially conscious music at Central SAPC in Santa Monica, CA on Friday, June 18 at 10:45pm. Check it out…!

Chris is an unlikely spokesperson who works very hard and maintains his sobriety within a world that is packed with all the wrong choices.

Chris refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio. While in rehab, he started writing and recording songs that are available via his debut, Live From Rehab. He landed a distribution deal with Famous Records/ Fontana/ Universal.

His first single, “Beautiful Disaster” is out now on his debut mix tape- Live From Rehab, which is available for free downloads at www.jonezenmusic.com. Chris says, “The music has highs and lows, just like what I was going through at the time while in rehab.”

Chris has always had a philanthropic side. Long before entering rehab, Chris co-founded clothing line Smash-Life with his brother Zak. The clothing line promotes community outreach, personal growth, and a positive attitude. Part of the proceeds from Smash-Life are donated to charities, organizations and foundations. They’ve already given to The Dream Street Foundation. Kristina Barron, Dream Street Auction Co-Chair says, “Chris and Smash Life’s donation helped raise funds to send kids with life-threatening diseases to camp.”

Live From Rehab became an unlikely outlet for Chris as his music evolved into a force and encouraged him to do better. His journey from rehab to recovery to renaissance rapper is evident on his new mix tape and his personal challenges and stories are woven intricately into his songwriting.


Lesley Zimmerman * Now Entertainment Agency

Lesley@nowentagency.com * 310-476-4414

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