Ex-FBI John Morris

Former FBI supervisor testifies that he was plied with cash bribes and cases of wine in Whitey Bulger trial.

  James “Whitey” Bulger

After days of sitting meekly at his federal racketeering trial, James “Whitey” Bulger erupted in anger Thursday as a former FBI supervisor he had once plied with cash bribes and cases of wine told jurors that the gangster had given information in a case involving his associates.

“You’re a [expletive] liar,’’ Bulger, 83, snarled as he glared at his longtime nemesis, John Morris, who seemed nervous and uncomfortable at times as he sat in the witness stand a few feet away.

Bulger’s outburst escaped the attention of most of the people in the courtroom, including the judge. It was only after jurors left for lunch that one of the prosecutors angrily revealed that Bulger had sworn at Morris, and the attorney urged US District Judge Denise J. Casper to admonish him to “keep his little remarks to himself when the witness is testifying.” READ MORE

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