Iggy and his legions of Ann Arbor fans Heather Harris Photo

Wow what a fantastic film! Here is my story on the Tribute to Ron Asheton film premiere at the Michigan Theater last night.  Part of the Cinetopia International Film Fest that is going on June 7-9 check here for SCHEDULE.

  Sean Kelly  Kathy Asheton and Kevin Gillespie

Sean Kelly did an amazing job on this film.  Shooting great video is a huge undertaking to begin with but doing it with 8 cameras in a Stooges crowd is really daunting.. This film is edited beautifully and you certainly can see Sean's expertise in this film due to his many years in lighting events. GREAT WORK !!

The original concert was mass pandemonium to see live.

Deniz Tek is fantastic in this film...They all are great but I loved seeing Deniz in this lineup. It was one of Deniz's biggest dreams fulfilled...He was very close to Ron and still is with Scott and Kathy.

It was a such great crowd tonight...cannot wait to see this film again at the Detroit Institute of Art's Theater Sunday June 9...

Got to hang around and network a lot after the film. Met some really talented folks from Ann Arbor's Art and Film community...The party was such fun! Everyone LOVED the film and the DVDs were snapped up so quickly! Wanted to grab a one but poof they were gone!

Ron Asheton's sister  Kathy did a huge job producing the concert....and produced/directed this film.  Sean Kelly was the camera director. He told me he used 8 cameras for this show.  

It is filmed so perfectly! It is like you are right on the stage with the band. You see behind the stage too. Clearly... this was the best concert movie I have seen in 30 years.
Lee Berry and Kathy Asheton

We all loved the lighting in the film. No red and blue! Just clear and visually it takes you right into the faces and energy of the players. Truly.. an amazing job by Sean Kelly and his guys.

I loved seeing  James Williamson and Deniz Tek so effortlessly.  It was lovely to sit back with a glass of wine and just watch the show. James is just so damn great....calm wild and smooth all at the same time! Mesmerizing watching him play and what a treat to see him up close.

Steve MacKay on sax was tight too...boy can he play that sax and harmonica..

I had missed so much even though I had such great seats for the concert in 2011. It was sweet to be able to see the spot on tribute to Ron Asheton by Henry Rollins.  It gave me chills.

 Hollywood Cathy Thomas with Lori Bergemann from Amara Conservation

What a treat to watch bassist Mike Watt! OMG was he into this show or what? Wait til you this movie...Mike was in the Stooges zone for certain.

After the movie I  ran into Ivan Kral and Cindy Hudson.  Hadn't seen them in a long time. We all love to hug Ivan! LOL Such fun.

Lee Berry is the general manager and the chief operating officer of the Michigan Theater and a former concert promoter with Prism Productions and Eclipse Jazz. He is the man! What a joy to work with him...Lee....thanks so much for the tickets and we look forward to doing a lot more fun events in the future! xK

Retro Kimmer

Kimmer Goes to Iggy and the Stooges Concert 2011

**Special Thanks**
Heather Harris
Natalie Schlossman
Anne Laurent
Lori Bergemann
Lee Berry
Sean Kelly


Anonymous said...

Looking forward so much to seeing the film! Cool photos! What a night. It was amazing to be able to hear it all in real time from the other side of the world via the internet. RIP Ron, you are The Greatest.

Fast Film said...

The footage looks just as cool as I remember the event being!

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