The small chameleon-like animals known as Naugas™ have long been known as the source of beautiful and durable fabrics that look like fine, soft leather. And since Naugas shed their hydes without harm to themselves, the fabrics they help make came to be known as Naugahyde®, The Cruelty Free Fabric™.

Despite the popularity of these little animals and their HIDES, little is known of their origins and how they first came to America.

Some researchers say Naugas™ are native to the island of Sumatra. Ancient Nauga artifacts recently found near the Coliseum in Rome have, however, cast doubt on this theory.

One prominent historian believes the first Naugas arrived in America in 1778 when they delivered designer clothes from France to George Washington's Continental Army. Others suggest they arrived far earlier, pointing out an abandoned tenth century Viking settlement that was recently unearthed in Newfoundland. Among the tantalizing evidence is the discovery of two Nauga names, Olaf the Red and Erik the Navy Blue, on a fragment of stone tablet at the site.

But like most immigrants many Naugas simply arrived with little more than their hydes on their backs and a willingness to work hard for a better future.

Before long Naugas™ were succeeding in many industries and professions.

Thomas Maroon built a nationwide chain of dry-cleaning shops.

Catherine Orange completed the first solo transatlantic flight by a Nauga in 1932.


erin said...

if anyone has one of these they no longer want, i would love to own one of these guys :)
hot_trash@rock.com if you have any leads :)

Tromba Fiemeinska said...

I about died when I found a nauga monster (from Uniroyal) at an antiques mall. it had no price, so I thought "oh no, its either gonna be insane or the worker at the register won't be able to call the person who rented the booth I found it in"...but I brought it up to the front desk with high hopes. and the answer was astounding. of course, as I have been taught by junkin' greats, I did not tip my hand that I knew what it was or how collectible they are. "I found this and thought it might be cool, but it has no price." the man answered "yeah, its a cute little creature of some sort and you're in luck, its mine...how about $5?"...I gave the guy my money and as soon as I got out the door, I screamed out loud...

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