Kimmer's personal favorite of all Christmas singers is Darlene Love. she is my friend on Myspace and has emailed me and thanked me for being her fan. Such wonderful lady and she is still very in demand all year long! I spend every Christmas playing (singing) her songs at my party and all season long in my jeep! I thought I'd share my favorites with my RK friends!

History of Rock n Roll Excerpt

One day a girl that Darlene knew from church, Delores Ferguson, asked her to sing at her wedding.What she didn't know was that the wedding was also an audition: Delores' bridal party included her friends Gloria Jones, Fanita Barrett, and Annette and Nanette Williams, who had a singing group called the Blossoms.

They were looking to replace Annette who had become pregnant.
After the ceremony Darlene was introduced to the girls and was asked to audition for the group at Eddie Beale, their manager's office. Darlene was then asked to sing with the Blossoms.

Her parents at first refused to let her, but after meeting the Blossoms they relented.
Darlene started singing in 1958 with the Blossoms. The Blossoms recorded as a quartet, without success for Capitol Records from 1958 and 1960, and then a a trio for Challenge and Okeh records. They also did backup singing in Los Angeles, supporting Bobby "Boris" Pickett ("Monster Mash"), James Darren ("Goodbye Cruel World), Bobby Day ("Rockin' Robin") and many others.

Love was brought to Phil Spector's attention by his partner Lester Sill when he was looking for a lead singer for "He's a Rebel." which was to be released under the Crystal's name. When Darlene was asked if she knew about this she said "So What? The man just paid me triple scale." She figured that it was a cute song, but it was probably going nowhere. 

Love went on to record six Philles singles under her own name, including "Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home" (#26, 1963) ,"(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Going To Marry" (#39, 1963), " and "A Fine Fine Boy" (#53, 1963). She also appeared on Spector's Christmas Album. Love continued to sing with the Blossoms through the 60s. They were regulars on Shindig and toured with Elvis Presley in the early 70s. Love sang back-up for Dionne Warwick for ten years beginning in 1971 and later backing Aretha Franklin.


Dan Boyd said...

Darlene is awesome, such a powerful voice and so much feeling. "Baby Please Come Home" is certainly one of my all time favorite Christmas songs

Darlene Love said...

thanks so much I have a christmas cd and a new compilation out right now. Working both of them..
God Bless

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