Kimmer and old pal Jennifer

Happy Holidays Retro fans everywhere! Kimmer started off this hot holiday season having a blast with my rock n roll heroes at the Ann Arbor Rock n Roll Revival 2009. This is an annual event produced by the hardest working man in the music biz, guitarist, promoter Chris "Juke Box" Taylor. I joined Box's team to help promote this fun show and together we blasted the event throughout all of cyberspace! What a huge crowd! Great way to launch into Christmas!

Hiawatha and Scott

The night before the show was as much fun for me as the concert itself! I played chauffeur to Mr. Scott Morgan and his partner in crime Hiawatha Bailey also an Ann Arbor Rock Legend. It was unusually exciting as my Jeep's gas tank was on E as we were hurrying around Ann Arbor searching for Scott's Amp! OMG I thought for sure I was going run out gas before I got those guys to the studio! But we found the Amp and got the boys to the studio on time!

Just as we arrived that fantastic doctor/jet pilot/rock guitar legend Deniz Tek arrived! Deniz really is such a STAR. Movie Star glamorous, talented, intelligent and the ultimate in generosity of spirit.

Truly one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Deniz and I are collaborating on web projects and we launched the Deniz Tek blog just this past weekend. What a ton of fans have hit that blog! His fan base covers the globe except for maybe the arctic circle!

At the studio the all star band came together to rehearse for the A2 show. Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Scott Morgan (The Rationals), Hiawatha Bailey (Cult Heroes), Chris Taylor (Mazinga), Rob King (Destroy All Monsters) and the powerful drummer Al King (Mazinga).

Scott Morgan and the IrRationals did my favorite songs and had that audience singing and dancing along. Not just the women either! Guys were dancing in the aisles too. That music never grows old. Hiawatha was so great and I was especially anxious to see Hi sing once more.

We saw him at the chance back in the day and I think he is even better now. Just fascinating to view and hear. He really whipped that crowd into a roar. My dear friend Rob King the fabulous drummer from Destroy all Monsters came and played with the all stars. Rob makes drumming look so smooth and easy. That is his gift and after all these years Rob still practices and trains with drum instructors. He lives for his music.

Rob and Niagara met for the first time and many years and had a nice time catching up with their latest adventures. Here is a great video of them together in Make Mine Japanese.

We had a very special guest arrive from France Eric Pouille from The Holy Curse came in to visit with his very good friend Deniz and sing a bit with the all stars. He was great! Really nice guy and I picked him from the airport and ran him to the studio (no easy feat) but at least Deniz bought the Jeep some GAS! YES lol Our master of ceremony was the Fantastic Stanley T. Madhatter!

He stepped in and really livened up the crowd! Also on hand to help was the very talented photographer Len Beste. Thank you so much guys for saving the Kimmer in distress! Gorevette rocked the Pig and we loved finally meeting the girls and of course our pal Al King pulling triple drumming duty that night drums for Gorevette.

Nikki Corvette Amy Gore Lianna Castillo Al King

Mazinga opened the show and I was thrilled to finally get the chance to hear these guys. They played a terrific cover of Lookin at You by the MC5 My favorite song of the Motor City 5. Al King drummed for Mazinga, then Gorevette and finished with the All Stars. He was calm as could be and I was just amazed at his cool demeanor all night. We were happy to meet Niagara Detroit at the show. We did have a friend email us the day before to let us know she would be attending, but we weren't quite sure that it would actually happen. Deniz had called and invited her out to the gig and she kindly obliged. We have been a huge fan of Niagara's art for quite sometime and just loved meeting her in person.

At the show my buddy Trudie Duart came out to help run the merch tables with me. Trudie had the best time and her energy made this night just that much more special for me. Little Trudie was standing up on the chair cheering, hawking the tee shirts, and watching over my equipment all night! What a trooper Miss T! Thank you darling so much!

We had a terrific time and especially loved meeting my new fan from Australia and his beautiful girlfriend from Canada! I wish I could find the paper I wrote their names on!! So when you read this please send me your info and email ok? Thank you so much everybody and Happy Holidays! On the 26th we will be Hanging with Johnny Bee at Alvin's in Detroit!

Special thanks:
Robert Jacko Jackson Photos
Craig Regan
Jeff and Amazing Alice
Mike JTone
Jennifer Campbell
Maureen Ferrell
Lezlie Zay Great to see you at last!
Theresa Taylor


Carl and Michelle Lundgren said...

Thanks for the photos and the great event.
We had a blast (and already put up some more pix on Michele's Facebook)
Thanks again.
See 'ya,

Carl Lundgren Art Studios

Unknown said...

We had a fantastic time! It was great to meet you. Looking forward to the next time we can get together. I also have some pics from the night up on Facebook.


Jack and Juliana

Fast Film said...

It sounds like this was a terrifically fun event. Get yer Facebook friends' pix up over there in a gallery for all of us who couldn't make it to see.

Tonya P said...

Really cool stuff! Good job. I also really like the Mi murders new pics that you put up. Did something happen in the Arm Of Honor house? I'm not proud to say it, but I use to date one of those guys.

Retro Kimmer said...

@ Carl and Michelle you guys made this whole show fun for me and look forward to next Saturday at the Helldrivers show!
can't wait to see your place in the city
@Jack and Juliana thanks! I amgoing to see you in Detroit soon!
@ Heather thanks for the tips and I am going to see their photos too

Retro Kimmer said...

@ Tonya, thanks kid, the Arm of Honor Fratnernity house still stands and looks pretty good. I do have a pic of it and I'll post it. My father Major Frank Maki was AofH advisor in 1963-64 and his picture hangs on their wall. I went to many parties their and loved those guys. They were a bunch of nice guys. John Norman Collins was a Theta Chi and NOT an
Arm! Just to be clear...he did live kiddy corner from the Arm House though and sure he partied there too.

Ronald Sanchez said...


just discovered your blog. Deniz was pleased with your DT blog. good work.

We're doing music for the local ski hill, which is an excuse to write some "little" songs. bridgerbowl.com I think Den's song can be found on the 13 Dec archive page..



Ronald Sanchez

Director of A&R



Theresa Taylor said...

OH HELL YEAH!!!!! :)

Deniz Tek said...

K you hit a home run with this.

Great story and photos, I am sending people there who ask me about the show.


Retro Kimmer said...

@ Deniz Thanks Den it took me two days to do it. I had the best all weekend! Tired but happy. Loved meeting you and wow can you play guitar I could watch you day. Loved your brother Karl what a cutie he is. Got to chat with him a bit in the control room at the Madonna Film Studio. Of course loved Eric so much!

Nikki Corvette said...

Kim, thanks for everything, awesome show!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kimmer,

It sounds like a great and rocking event, I wish we could have been there
Miss Ya
The DoGs

Amy Gore said...

"Thank you, Mz. Maki xo"

diann b said...

"I went to the blog - sounds like he has had a exciting life. I never put the old Deniz with the new Deniz HA - we were in Ann Arbor last Friday should of went to the Pig - Our computer has been down and our Daughter Callie fixed it but says we need a new one - keep it happnin Gal "

Al King said...

Kimmer! Good Write, Vids and Photos. Tek's Blog looks great. Thank you for all your hard work on this gig.

Janet Stadtm said...

"Hi Kim. I just want to wish you a special Merry Christmas. You always seem to have so much going on. I don't how you keep it all straight. Hope all is going well for you. Enjoy"

Cheryl Sinclair said...

Hi Kim,

Jim Stumbo is an old friend of mine and I was talking to him today and he mentioned
the rock and roll revival you put together. I am in CA but I really wanted to go as my longtime
friend and sister (Jean Morgan Compton) of Scott 's told me about it too.I of course loved
the Rationals when I was in MI, went to elementary school with Deniz Tek, and used to get
into concerts free when I said I was John Sinclair's cousin (I'm not).

I told my niece and nephew in A2 about it but they were unable to go. They have a band Heroes on
Parade and I thought they should see what the MI legends were all about. I will send them your website.
It's the least I can do. Anyway I love your website! Keep doing what you are doing.

Incidently the kids have a fun little video that was done in A2. I just sent it to Jimbo to help "catch up"
on what's new with us.

Here it is:


Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great Classic Christmas tunes!

Cheryl Sinclair

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