WOW! The Hell Drivers/Torpedoes/and Circus Boy show blew down the house at Alvin's on Cass Saturday night! The weather broke just long enough for us to get to the city and park right out front.

This concert was so exciting to see, Lucky for me I did get to see my friend Johnny BEE play a few times in 2009 and Machinegun interviewed him on camera this fall too which was a gas! Go see their fun videos HERE

Standing stage left and about 8 feet away from Jim McCarty was mind blowing. Jim was playing guitar on the first record I ever bought! Sock it to me with Mitch Ryder. He make playing the guitar look so easy!

Jim was so kind to us too. He signed our Hell Drivers CDs and even go a knife to make sure we didn't ruin the cover ripping the tape off. Thanks Jimmy! We loved hearing him play at last. Jim Ed was the gentleman of the evening and so generous and kind.

WizardoLivonia Video:

He really works that crowd! Does a Mighty fine job as lead vocalist. Thank you Mr. E for the invitation. Marvin on bass was fantastic but we missed getting his autograph! I hate it when that happens!

Hearing Rock n Roll Music reminded me of my friend Ron Cooke bass player for Detroit who is home recuperating from a broken foot poor guy! Hope to see you soon Ron! This show took me back to the days of Dave Gilbert too. He was such a hottie and his voice was so perfect for the Rockets. The HD gave my friend Scott Morgan a big shout out for his signature song RESPECT.

Happy New Year and here's to hoping that Kathy Asheton picks up the induction award for her brother at the Rock Hall of Fame long overdue induction of the Stooges. Now if they would JUST INDUCT the MC5!!!!

My pals Johnny BEE and Skid Marx hanging around after the show. That was such a great Christmas party to be able to see those three bands. I took my friends Robin and Trudie becasue I didn't want them to miss this lineup. Have seen Bee play with the Howling Diablos twice but to see him turn it up a notch and play with Jim McCarty was unbelievable. I'll never forget that show.

 MikeJTone and his psychedelic red Ludwigs

The Torpedoes Really Kicked!


DirectFromDetroitMusic.com said...

Nice to have met you the other night. Great coverage of the Outrageous night.

Richard Blondy

GreatWhiteHonkeyMan said...

Kim! Thanks for coming out to the show. Great to finally meet you. It really was great crowd. Alvin's is looking and sounding better than ever. Now, we need to get an Ann Arbor/Detroit thing together with Scott Morgan...maybe Niagra, Hiawatha, etc. In a much bigger venue. Where is the Grande Ballroom when you need it?

lori levise said...

"I wish I could have been there..."

Retro Kimmer said...

@ Richard it was terrific meeting you too! Big fan! Happy New Year

@ James thanks for inviting me we had a great time and what a show!!! You guys really kicked em out!

@Skid good to see you too will most likely kick back and watch tv but take pics for me!

@ Lori at least you have great video and photos!

Dan Boyd said...

It was a great time nice to see so many people out enjoying a fantastic show


jeff and a. a said...

Hey Girl, we couldn't agree more. Thought it would be fun but had no idea how much. Thanks again for having Robin join our alumni.
peace, a.a. & me

Ron Cooke said...

hey kimmer i was going to come but i just got into a walking boot still need the crutches
and i didnt want to have to stab some drunk with them if they bumped it. start my rehab Jan 4 should be up and about by the end of Jan. man this has been along deal 3 months . the band is recording in ann arbor jan 16th still making music its my passion see ya Ron

skid said...

read it THANKS!.............

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