After a few line up changes because unfortunately Machinegun had to drop out due to family concerns, the Legendary Rock Emcee Stanley T. Madhatter is stepping in as the host! So bring your cow bell! We can't wait to hang out at a show with the Hatter! Kimmer had a blast this past September with the Hatter at the ? and The Mysterians show at Flintstock at the Flint Institute of Art.

Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek, Chris "Jukebox" Taylor, and Al King all of Powertrane will make a really exciting lineup for this all star jam. This will mark my first time where I get to hear Scott on guitar. We saw him this summer at the Magic Bag and then again this past Fall at the Pig. Scott is really the true gentleman of Rock. He is so kind and never speaks an unkind word about anyone and in this business that is rare. Scott is also a veritable rock n roll encyclopedia and especially about music from Detroit/Ann Arbor.

This is so is going to be so fantastic! I finally get to meet in person the amazing Dr. Deniz Tek! This guy is off the chart high energy.. Deniz Tek is a singer, guitarist and songwriter and the founder of Radio Birdman. Deniz Tek is a trained ex-Navy flight surgeon and aviator. He currently splits his time working in ER departments in hospitals in NSW, Australia & Montana

The hardest working man in show biz is Chris Box Taylor! Box has so many shows and bands to coordinate and does it with ease. Chris is the producer of this event and I am kicking a little promo assist in support. Box has all the hard work to do and he is handling well all the last minutes stresses and changes that come along with the territory of rock promotion.

Box is doing a fantastic job and I love him and his charming wife Theresa and I especially love their big black fluffy persian cat! Being a rock producer/promoter is a thankless job but producers march on in the name of rock n roll!

Ann Arbor, MI-based Mazinga draws its inspiration from garage punk and comic books, playing in a self-dubbed style of "maximum cosmic punk." Formed in Nov. 1995, the group (who take their name from a Japanese cartoon robot) have played regionally and completed a small west coast tour.

They’ve released a series of 7"s, and a self titled full length through small indie labels Reanimator and Spasthmatic, as well as two self released EPs. Sounding like punk pioneers MC5 and Radio Birdman, Mazinga features fast tempos, dissonant guitar work, and out of control live shows. In 2001, original drummer Don Blum left the band to join the Detroit-based Von Bondies and was replaced by Mike O'Reilly the following year.

Kimmer's good friend, drummer Rob King will be a special guest on drums on the A2RnR. Rob was drummer for Destroy All Monsters. Rob comes from Rock N Roll Pedigree. His father owned Kings Keyboard House the big music store in Ann Arbor for decades. Rob tells me that after all these years he still takes lessons from a great jazz drummer and practices everyday. Rob is a special guest sitting in on the 18th!

GOREVETTE! We finally get to meet the girls of Gorevette Amy Gore and Nikki Corvette. Of course our friend Al King ( nephew of Rob) is their very high energy drummer. Al will be pulling triple duty drumming for 3 acts on the 18th. Hope to see a lot of you fans at the Blind Pig! Come and introduce yourselves I'll be hanging out with Stanley T. Madhatter at the merch tables!

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