Dear RK readers! This site has a ton of Detroit Rock History and I highly recommend it! You can buy the cool Detroit Tee shirts that all my friends "borrow" from my collection :) KIM

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Detroit: The Band, The Music, The LEGEND!!!

This was the dream band many artists dreamed of. A tried and true Detroit powerhouse of musicians from throughout the scene over a period of over 30 yrs. With the staggering amount of history from a band with only 2 studio albums to date, but the legacy stands tall.

The members who have walked through this band's doors over the years is awesome. All of these members went on to do some very incredible odds-defying feats in the halls of Motown's gritty musi
c scene. From the alleys of the 'D'', to every country in the world, their sound still reaches across the barriers of sound to reach into the hearts of the true rockers who still believe!!!


Big Rich said...

Those DETROIT WINGS are by our very own STANLEY MOUSE.
I'm puttin' some stuff together in honor of 10,000 (can it be real?) hits. BR

Retro Kimmer said...

yes Mouse rocks! and the 10,000 are REAL!

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