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Formed in Detroit in 1977 as Mr. Unique & the Leisure Suits, the band got their start as the opening act for The Mumps (featuring Lance Loud) and local favorites like

Flirt and Destroy All Monsters. In the following years, they managed to amuse, annoy, and antagonize all manner of audiences before finally releasing their four-song EP, Mr. Unique & the Leisure Class in 1983.

The band moved to New York, making their debut at CBGB in 1984. Venues for the band during this period included CBGB, 8BC, SNAFU, the Henry Street Settlement, the Kitchen, the Gas Station, the Lone Star Roadhouse, Under Acme, Woody's, Beowulf, and Tramps.

The iconoclastic band recorded at least three albums' worth of original material, none of which managed to make it to a major label release. At last, 2004 saw the release of 36 songs on the 2-CD compilation, Leisure Class Recordings 1979-1994.

Since that time, lead singer and lyricist Dimitri Mugianis was the subject of the 2009 documentary film by Michel Negroponte, I'm Dangerous With Love, and Leisure Class was profiled on the National Public Radio show, Day to Day

Now there is a new CD! Parents Night at the Leper Colony is a "20 greatest hits" collection including newly remastered Leisure Class recordings from 1979 to 1994 (including two songs produced by Skid Marx for our first EP -- way back in 1982 -- "It's All True" and "Young Gifted and White"). Parents Night at the Leper Colony will be released October 30.

CDs will ship October 30, 2010.

Here are two downloads available for review purposes and will be on Retrokimmer 3 days only.

"Young Gifted and White" (1982)
"Thing Called Truth" (1994)

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