The Crystals were the first act that producer Phil Spector focused his attention on when forming his record label. What a fantastic choice to begin with! The Crystals were Darlene Love of the Blossoms one of my Myspace friends and a giant icon of the 60's Barbara Alston age 17, Delores (Dee Dee) Kennibrew 15, Mary Thomas 17, and Merna Girard 17.

Their first live performance was at the Apollo Theatre, tough audience to please for sure.

The History of the Crystals

My favorite of The Crystals was the second hit UPTOWN the Mann/Weil written song was about a weary man who finds comfort when he comes "uptown' to her arms, it was ahead of it's time in it's storyline. At this time there were six Crystals; 16 year old LaLa Brooks replaced the pregnant Merna Gerard.

My second most favorite is "Then He Kissed Me" Which Martin Scorsese used in the Goodfellas film's Copacabana scene where Henry Hill and Karen go into the back door to the club for a show.
Great Live video of The Crystals singing He's a Rebel and more....

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Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

"DaDo ron ron all the way to the bank(but not for the girls)"

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