Front of "castle" 1984

Front of "castle" 2009 with a lot of trees removed

A friend from high school popped in facebook and it turns out she used to stay in the Harry Bennett Castle!!! OMG !!! Her friend lived next door to the castle.


Donna sent me these great photos from 1984. When I shot the castle last fall it has been painted a sage green color with the windows trimmed in white.

Harry had his own theater built on the property

Donna said:

Many years ago, my girlfriend and I stayed there. She lived next door and house-sat when the previous owners were out of town. Pretty cool place.

Abandoned pool

The place is pretty cool and scary. We went in the tunnels and were able to take personal tours with no one looking over our shoulders. I even stayed several nights, once left alone while my friend went to the bar, you talk about being scared, I was up all night looking over my shoulder.

NO KIDDING!!!! Not without a gun in each hand would I have done that Donna!

Love this back view. Donna noticed a large stairway was added to the Castle after 1984. The Castle appears that a lot of trees were removed from this side as well. The two turrets are clearly visible in both views.

Large Staircase goes down to the river is gone now

The Bennett stables. This is where HB housed the lions and tigers he used to keep in case of an enemy attack.

Another view of the Theater

Dining room with large dining table

Another view of dining room

Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace Close up

Music room off dining room notice dining chair

Narrow staircase to upper level

Family Den with beautiful wing back chair and wood paneling with secret panels for hidden weapons

Theater above and an out building below

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Thank you Donna!!!


Kathy Rendel said...

Kim, that was a good article about the Bennett castle. I am glad you had photos from Donna showing the inside, I knew that she had stayed there! I have my Dad's Ford ID with Bennett's signature on it from back in the 30's!

Anonymous said...

I posted that I aquired the crest of Harry Bennett. As an updated, it is clearly visible in the pictures of the stone fireplace. it is located front and center. Either there were more than one crest plate, or Mr. Stark removed it. But either way I have this Crest Plate. I would like to know if there would be any historical value in this plate?

Anonymous said...


My grandfather, Robert Folsom, also worked for Electro-Arc and Harold Stark. He was also frequently put to the task of keeping the grounds at the castle. Might you know him? He probably was retired by 1984, but I also just happened to meet another gentleman by the name of Bob McCrary who now is in charge of taking care of the grounds for the current owner. If you know either of them, would you email me back at jay226@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Grew up in Ypsi is this the same house the Gables owned that had a tunnel in basment which led into Ford lk?

Kim Retrokimmer said...

I believe the tunnel lead to the Huron River. Ford Lake is pretty far away from Geddes

Detroit Urban Quilts said...

I am looking to get in touch with the current owners of Harry Bennetts house. I teach at Schoolcraft College and am hosting a screening of Brothers On The Line a documentary about the Reuther brothers. Please contact me via email if you have any information.
Thank you-
Deborah Burke

Gareth Bennett said...

Fascinated by the whole Harry Bennett story. Is there any information about his father or where did the Bennetts originate from?

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