Halloween and trick or treating in the 60’s in Ypsilanti, Michigan where I grew up was totally different than it is now for my daughter and her friends.

We had full size candy bars and bags of M&M's. Candy corn, caramels, and peanuts inside little paper bags. We had candy lipsticks, bubblegum cigars and candy cigarettes... No wonder we all grew up to be smokers!

At first we used official trick or treating bags which gave way to pillow cases. The cool bags had handles that broke and didn't hold very many treats. Pillow case were easy to handle and held way more treats!

I‘ll list my favorite treats in order: A homemade popcorn ball, caramel apples, homemade donuts and cider, Milky Ways, 3 Muskateers, Zagnut, Hershey Bars, Paydays and Turkish Taffy,Sugar Daddy’s, Slo Pokes, Good and Plenties, and Bun Candy bars were the best. Bit O Honey's were a strange candy that were always eaten last

Always eaten last how sad...

There were lots of kids with store bought costumes with the little masks but most of us had homemade costumes because store bought ones were lame! Wearing that thing over your face was insane :P

Now days that giant horde of trick or treating kids that took over the night streets are all but gone. Bad news, and crime have scared parents away from letting their kids run free. Heck now we are afraid to even let them go ride a bike without fear. What a drag...

Candy Dots

Cool thing is that our favorite retro candy is still readily available in some stores and many websites too.

60’s Nostalgia Candy: Good and Plenty Bonamo’s Turkish Taffy Rolos Black Jack and Beeman’s gum Sugar Daddy’s Mallow cups Buns Fizzies Bit O’Honey Buttons on paper Wax lips and fangs Red Hots Necco Wafers

Bubblegum cigars

What was YOUR favorite candy?

Check this video! How cool is this? Fans of The Munsters built their own Munster Mansion!


Patti Quatro said...

As usual.........great blog Kim!!!! Hope you are going to rock your Halloween!

Catch the little crazy Halloween treat we Quatros posted on FB and You Tube.......LOL.....
from Cradle CD....."Soothsayer".....This was the Nancy full regalia for the tune
when we actually did it at Grande, with her machete at side. I told you the story
of Nancy with her machete at the emcee's neck!!!! What a night.


Dee Gilbert said...

This was just great! I love the life mag.photo and the candy dots are my fav! Also the pumpkins were very cool! I hope that you and your daughter have a great holiday weekend! Talk to you soon.Loved this retrokimmer! ~dee

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