Larry Fine and Ron Asheton with Larry's Grand Daughter

I posted this image in one of my Facebook albums and the world went crazy! I had thought that all fans of both sets of Stooges had already seen these images. Rich Dorris told me he sent me the photo but I thought I had gotten it from Machinegun Thompson or a fan. But however I got it, it sure caused a stir!!!!

Here are the comments I received:

Rich Dorris One of my Earthly Treasures, Ron offered me my pick from a stack... but I only took this one, go figger. That's Larry's Granddaughter, taken at the MGM Retirement Home in Hollywood.

Heather Harris Wow. Just wow.

Eric Predoehl YES! A Stooge with a Stooge! LOVE IT!

Niagara Detroit Happy daze...Ronnie would sneak Larry out of the nursing home to gamble...

Larry H Leitner Love this!

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki Heard Ron snuck things in to Larry as well....

Niagara Detroit ‎....true...

Maria Damon aww...scratch a punk, find a sentimentalist.

Chris Levitan That is so Beyond cool..

Bogdon Vasquaf remarkable.

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki just heard the girl is Larry Fine's grand daughter

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki gee I thought you guys had already seen this one. I will dig up what else I may have

Chuck Mamula It is awesome that there is photos of this....I always thought it was a very cool story...

Millie Goodman Bessey When I was in college and edited our college yearbook, I dedicated a whole page to Larry as it was the year he died. Loved him!

Rolf Wucherer This is a cool photo. If there is more to the story, as hinted above, I would like to hear it!

Natalie Schlossman The young lady in the photo is Larry's granddaughter. (incase there are inquiring minds)
Michael Martin Some pictues Nyuk Nyuk a thousand words...

Michael Snider Larry Fine was in the Motion Picture House, a retirement home for people in the film industry in Woodland Hills about to close, not the "MGM Retirement Home", Great pic though.

Mark Boone There's an interview with Larry on you-tube when he was in the home...he's old but his memories seem good. Interesting for 3 stooges buffs...

John Harrold Yes!I shook hands with Moe and Larry when they appeared at the Melody Top Theatre in Hillside, IL. in 1961.

Rich Dorris RIGHT on STOOGES, Pie in the face for anybody don't like 'em.

Brad Laner This is such a fantastic and moving photo. Permission to post it on Dangerous Minds (with proper credit of course) ?

Terry Walker Thanks for the picture. 2 of my heroes.

Chris Klondike Masuak Man...that's So Fine!!!

James Recca i was there with ronnie we went there a few times i lost the pictures i had if any one has any more please post in my pic's

Marla Metelski This is CLASSIC! Awesome.

George Spencer Helmke You've been holding out on us. This is the coolest pic there could be. And Larry Fine was a really good musician as well.

Rich Dorris Yeah Man, Ron Aheton showed me a STACK of poloroids like this, said take what you WANT! I as unworthy one took this alone, I don't recall his response.. BIG

Rich Dorris Ron Asheton showed me a handfull of Polaroids like this, he said "take what you want", I as unworthy one, took only this....
I don't recall his response...

Link Yaco
I remember the day I met Ron for the first time. Destroy All Monsters was practicing and Cary Loren had SOMEhow convinced Ron to drop on by. Ron picked up a guitar and belted out a riff that was SO cool. It was for Cary's song, "You know y...r going to die" (or whatever was the real title--it was a song about the JFK shooting). His riff took over that song and it became one of their signature pieces when they gigged together. My mind was blown. I could not believe I was seeing (and hearing) what was happening. Something I shall remember to the end of my days...

Rich Dudansky Stooge on Stooge !

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki I think Machinegun might have some I am diving into his archives and that is no easy feat!

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki ‎@Jimmy Recca: got any idea who shot these? I think it may have been Dennis Thompson
Natalie Schlossman Kim, it may have been Michael Tipton. He has some photos in storage as well. I think he said that Jimmy was there the time he went with Ron.
Yesterday at 10:28am ·

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki I'll call him and see, Dennis Thompson did not go with Ron...

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki Mike Tipton says that Larry Fine's grand daughter met Ron at a show ans she arranged for Ron to meet Larry. This is before the New Order stage. Mike thinks Ron went out there to Larry's daughter's home and then he went to the movie actor retirement. Tipton, John the New Order mgr with Jimmy Recca went out there to see him. Info from Michael Tipton

Anita Oswald This is great - we met the Stooges when they appeared at the Marbro Theater in Chicago, IL. It was the big event of the year in our neighborhood. They were very popular with all the kids because their films were played daily in the afternoons. My sister and brother really loved them and would not miss a show.

Trent Reeve
I have been a member of the Three Stooges fan club since the 80's. In recent years president Gary Lassin opened a museum to display his collection. I think he would enjoy having a copy of this photograph to display and the vistors would enj...oy it as well. http://www.stoogeum.com/

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki CERTAINLY! You can use the digital version under the fair use act. Just as long as it is not up for commercial sale. Enjoy! nYUK nYUK

Bruce Ferguson way to cool

James Dudek This is about the most comments I've ever seen on one photo. "doctor Howard, doctor Fine, doctor Howard!"

Bruce Ferguson lol

Kim Retro Kimmer Maki ME TOO!!!

Rich Dorris I resemble that remark, Curly Q Link, I spent many fine sunday mornings hung over after the ANCHOR INN in Dexter/Pinckney, watchin 3 STOOGES with Rock Action & the Crew...

John Funke Ron Asheton was a sweet guy. Read (Legs McNeil's) "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk" for the story of his friendship with Larry Fine.

Bruce Ferguson The book is great

Heather Harris And then believe half of what you read, and none of what you hear (dum duh duh DUM duh, I heard it through the grapevine...)

John B Davis a guy I worked with in southfield asked me to go with him to see larry, he was in the hospital near by, we didnt go and I regret it

Bruce Ferguson yea i figured that much

David Barge ‎"Maybe go out, maybe stay home, maybe call LARRY on the telephone!"

De Akin I heard somewhere that men liked the 3 stooges and that women didn't. I don't know who they asked but they didn't ask me. I think they are wrong. I love the stooges!

Heather Harris That was a running joke on the old show "Cheers!"

David Barge @De, You aren't the only one. I've known some stellar ladies that dug the stooges

Dave Blakney ‎"you just missed moe!"

Larry Fine Interview 1

Larry Fine Interview 2

Larry Fine Interview 3

The Best of the 3 Stooges


Krista Wood said...

"I'm over a the MPF home to visit with my 94 year old new friend there once a month. Lots of working older actors/actress living there."

MJG196 said...

Thanks for this! Awesome photo!!!!

Retro Kimmer said...

Den just told me the reason he never went with Ron to see Larry is that Larry passed away by the time he got to Hollywood and he was totally bummed that he missed meeting him. BTW Dennis is watching the 3 stooges right now ahahahahaa

Big Rich said...

Queenie, you the HIPPEST Chick I know. Big Old Rich

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