Your card today is the Two of Cups. This is a great card to receive. It signifies two people coming together and a new relationship. This is the start of something beautiful!

When you see this card in a reading, it signifies a new relationship or a new phase in an existing relationship. This is what I like to call the the first date card or the promise card. It just has so much potential!

You may find a new love, make a new friend, or team up in a new business partnership. You may also be able to reconcile with someone or progress your relationship to the next level.

The Two of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two become one. The card reflects balance, mutual respect and harmony in relations with one another. There is no ‘I’, just ‘we’, and both parties are focused on a mutually beneficial outcome or win-win situation.

The Two of Cups typically points towards a relationship that is based on mutual attraction and romantic inclinations. It reflects the clear, nurturing, supportive and heartfelt exchange of emotions that is the gift of a romantic relationship. The Two of Cups represents love that is nurturing, creative, clearly focused, inspirational and equally fulfilling. In a reading, this is often a beautiful start to a new romance in which you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love between two souls. The seed has blossomed into a tree of appreciation. Kindness and thoughtfulness will bind your two hearts together with the feeling of being simultaneously very special to one another.


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