Roger Stone, former Advisor to Richard Nixon and New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy - The Case Against LBJ, gives us the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate in a new book, called Nixon’s Secrets, to be released on August 11.

Stone charts Nixon’s rise from election to Congress in 1946 to the White House in 1968 following his razor-thin loss to John F. Kennedy in 1960. He goes on to explore Nixon’s disastrous campaign for Governor of California in 1962 and the greatest comeback in American presidential history.

In Nixon’s Secrets, Stone reveals how the Kennedys wiretapped Nixon’s hotel room the night before the historically infamous 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate, and stole Nixon’s medical records from his psychiatrist’s office.

Stone lays out how Kennedy running mate Lyndon Johnson claimed Texas for JFK through vote fraud, while Mayor Richard Daley took Illinois, and how JFK actually lost the popular vote.

Stone outlines how White House Counsel John Dean planned, pushed, and covered up the Watergate break-in, then sought to avoid responsibility for it. In his book, Stone argues that Dean continues to obscure his own role in Watergate and has manipulated the Nixon tapes to deflect blame to the president and away from himself. Stone offers a stinging deconstruction of John Dean's new book "The Nixon Defense" which shows that Dean is omitting key tapes and distorting others. "Dean's new book misleads us about what the President knew and when he actually knew it as well about Dean's own role in the whole Watergate caper," Stone, a longtime Nixon adviser and confidante said.

Stone tells us how Nixon held one of Ford’s darkest secrets over his successor's head to secure a full, free, and unconditional pardon for his Watergate crimes. Watergate destroyed Nixon’s presidency, but the pardon would save him from prison and allow him to launch his final comeback as adviser to President Bill Clinton on foreign affairs, despite Hillary’s attempts to block him. Stone details Hillary's longstanding animus towards Nixon dating to Hillary be fired as a staffer for the 1974 House Impeachment Committee when caught lying and leaking to the President's detriment. Stone also outlines Hillary's later effort's to block a meeting between President's Clinton and Nixon.

“Richard Nixon has been the subject of curiosity and public debate for six and a half decades,” said Stone. “Since the time I served in his 1968 campaign, I have held a deep fascination with our 37th President and, as his friend, I had the rare opportunity to witness firsthand much of the history, key decision making, and people—both good and bad—that made for his complex and personae.”

Other compelling stories in the book include:

· Stone tells the public what is on the 18 ½-minute gap in the White House Tapes and explains who erased the section and why;

· Stone explains why FBI man Mark Felt is not “Deep Throat,” and why there is no “Deep Throat”;

· Stone shares why Nixon was demanding the CIA to turn over the records of the Bay of Pigs and Kennedy Assassination;

· Stone looks at how a cabal of military and intelligence hard-liners spied on and undermined Nixon to stop his pro-peace détente foreign policy, his withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, his arms limitation agreement with the Soviets, and his opening to Red China;

· Stone reveals how Vice President Spiro Agnew was set up to move Nixon out of the presidential succession line;

· Stone details General Alexander Haig’s orchestration of Nixon’s removal from office in a coup d’état and how he brokered the deal for Nixon’s pardon.

Described by the New York Times’s Maureen Dowd as “The Keeper of the Nixon flame,” Stone was the youngest member of the Nixon staff in 1972 and was credited with Nixon’s rehabilitation in his post-presidential years. Stone has been a Washington Insider for the last forty years and played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.

His book on Lyndon B. Johnson, The Man Who Killed Kennedy- The Case Against LBJ was the second bestselling book during the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s murder. In addition to his books, Stone has a regular column with the Daily Caller and Fox Opinion on-line.

For more on Roger Stone, please visit www.stonezone.com

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