Happy Anniversary Retrokimmer!
by Jackie Wallace

Original Logo Art by Gullacass

“It all started out of boredom. I realized, I can’t dance, I can’t sing, and I can’t draw... I needed to find a creative way to express myself, so I began blogging.”

If Barbra Walters had a list of Detroit’s top ten most fascinating people, I have no doubt that Retrokimmer would be on that list. She is recognized as one of the most successful bloggers in Michigan and now nationwide.

Within six years, Retrokimmer’s site has gone from zero to over 2,000,000 visitors. I met Kim a little over a year ago at a music event in Ann Arbor. We connected instantly. Shortly after, I realized that she connects instantly with many people, over 2,000,000 to be exact.

Kim has carved out a niche and created a brand that demonstrates power. A combination of her sometimes rebellious personality, along with her curiosity, and the ability to be an engaging conversationalist, are the traits that I believe give her a competitive edge and are also a direct reflection of her diverse blogging.

To celebrate Retrokimmer’s six year anniversary, I suggested that we do a Q & A about the evolution of Retrokimmer.

 The beginning with blogging partnerand masseuse Kato

JW. The question everyone seems to want to know about you is how it all started?

RK. It all came about by being bored one night and trying to find my own form of entertainment. I helped a friend set up a Myspace page and another one set up her own blog. It dawned on me that I was pretty good at creating and setting up pages and I enjoyed it. I decided to set one up for myself.

JW. How did you decide what you were going to write about when you started out?

RK. It wasn’t anything I planned ahead. I really just started sharing random stories and people were responding.

JW. How would you describe your page?

RK. I see myself as being into Vintage Pop Culture. I am fascinated with the transition from one era to the next.

JW. Do you have a favorite era?

RK. The Sixties. I love everything about that era, the music, the clothes, and the hairstyles. It was a colorful time. RK started as a blog about Mod fashion and evolved into Crime, Music, News, History, Collectibles, and so much more....

JW. Your site has had over 2,330,000 visitors from around the world. How did that happen?

RK. Traffic comes from content...to make a successful blog you have to post everyday. Feed the beast you might say....The more you feed it with high octane fuel, the more it grows.

JW. When did you realize the impact of Retrokimmer in the entertainment world?

RK. I had an ‘emotional moment a few years ago, when I went to work the Detroit Music Awards. During the main event, I went down to the main floor to get close to the stage. My goal was to shoot photos of my friend Patti Quatro. As I snaked my way through the round VIP tables I heard my name being whispered. When I finished shooting and turned to go back to my seat...all kinds of music people were waiting tp hug me! They were thanking me.. I was really teary eyed when I got back to my seat.....It was so lovely to know that my blog was helping people promote their dreams.

JW. You have been a great supporter of the local music scene and you have also been credited for resurrecting the careers of former musicians. I know you get asked often to make appearances. How do you decided what bands or events you will attend?

RK. I have always been an advocate for local talent. I want to support people with their dreams, and I like being the link on the chain that leads to their success. I wish I could go to every event but that’s not feasible. I will go if I am a huge fan of the people involved. Otherwise, I attend in spirit!

JW. Is this why they call you “The fairy godmother of Detroit rock and roll?”

RK. I don't know...maybe it is because I love ART....writers, musicians, painters, singers, dancers, any kind of creativity turns me on.

JW. You get a lot of juicy gossip about people, but I noticed you don’t write about it. Doesn’t gossip sell?

RK. Yes I do hear the gossip but I am about entertaining the reader. I care more about promoting talent then selling “the dirt”. It’s not worth it for me.

JW. With Retro Kimmer being so successful, why did you start other sites like Machine Gun Thompson's Blog and  Detroit RocknRoll Magazine?

RK. Blogging for just myself is too solitary. I really crave collaboration with talented people. Being part of a team is so important. My partner in blogging was Dennis Thompson. His input and advice was crucial to launching RK and he continues to inspire me and he's my dear friend.

There were so many talented people who inspired and taught me so much... Stanley T. Madhatter (RIP), Deniz Tek, Art and Steve Godoy, Scott Morgan, Niagara Detroit and the Colonel, Carl Lundgren, Skid Marx, Rick Ruiner, Rob King, Ron Cooke, Tino Gross, Jim Harper, Johnny Bee Badanjek, Ivan Kral, Al King, Chris Taylor, the Motorcity Rah Rahs..the list of people who helped me is endless. I sincerely thank them all for their generosity of spirit.

JW. Your success is transferring across the planet. You were recently contacted by Dick Clark Producutions regarding promotion of The American Music Awards in L.A.  How cool is that?

RK. Really cool! I am excited about taking on more mainstream promotion jobs and hope to work with them on their many other projects! It really is so exciting every morning to check my email and see what cool opportunities that may come in overnight...I love my work!

My first business postcard, Art by Carl Lundgren, Gullacass and myself

JW. I happen to know that you were contacted by another LA company for a big campaign that you will be a part of. Can you elaborate?

RK. ZeusVision has a radically new outdoor advertising option. They have these amazing double decker buses and anyone can place their ad on them for an affordable price! It is revolutionary! Read more about ZeusVision HERE

JW. Anything else people should know about you?

RK. I think they know quite a bit already......LOL ;) THANK YOU JACKIE!!



Dennis Machine Gun Thompson said...

Dear Kim I wish to personally congratulate you on your Sixth anniversary of success in the blogosphere!! But I can go deeper. You are my best friend. You have given me new life since the day we met and you continue to do so to this very day. You have worked so very, very hard to entertain us all on this blue dot in space. You have shown light in the dark corners, and have given joy to those that need it so very, very much.

To me, you are the Wizardess of Communication in a xenophobic and at times brutal world. We need more people like you to carry the message of peace, love, and happiness. May you always find your way. May you always remain happy, joyous and free for all of Eternity!! You Kick Out The Jams girl, and keep it comin' cause we all need you. You are the real deal. Can I get an amen? Yeah...........
Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson

Retro Kimmer said...

It's been my pleasure....much love xoK

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