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Hey Kim,

I know that you love mob stories as much as I do. I looked on your blog and didn't see anything about this so I thought I'd remind you about a great mob murder in Detroit. Well, Southfield actually. Maybe another cool story for your blog.

I was walking through the house yesterday while my girlfriend was watching tv. A commercial came on for Uncle Robinson's Furniture. I'm not sure why it hit me but all I could think of was the old "You've got an uncle in the furniture business, Joshua Doore" jingle. I remembered a lot of the details but I looked it up anyway.

I remembered the Giacalones possibly being involved and them (police) finding Harvey Leach's (Joshua Doore) body in the trunk of his car on his wedding day.I didn't realize how much they were involved though. Borrowing money from Tony Jack and messing around with Billy Jack's girlfriend while he was away isn't the best way to live a long and productive life.

Anyway, It's a cool story that most mob aficionados over 50 will remember. Here is a link to the story:

Leonard Schultz, a Mafia associate who died recently, was a main suspect in the death of Harvey Leach, which took place in Southfield almost 40 years ago.

Mafia associate's death remains a mystery after almost 40 years (with video)

Any remaining knowledge of who killed Harvey Leach, a killing that goes down as one of Oakland County’s most high-profile unsolved homicides of the 20th century, may have gone to the grave withLeonard Schultz, a Mafia associate who died recently as a main suspect in the crime that took place in Southfield almost 40 years ago.

Schultz died from natural causes at the age of 96 in Florida earlier this month.

Reputedly mob-connected himself, Leach, 34, and owner of a well-known home decorating chain, was discovered in the trunk of his car with his throat slashed in the parking lot of the Congress Building on 13 Mile and Southfield roads on March 16, 1974, just hours before he was supposed to get married. READ FULL STORY HERE

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Marcio Wilges said...

It is really scary when you read of such murder cases especially of well-known figures whom you thought have contributed a lot toward the society such as this furniture maker. Nevertheless, crimes occur all the time and without you knowing it, so it is not that surprising after all. The main concern is to keep the criminals off the streets and away from society for good.

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