What a fun and productive lunch meeting we had today! Courtney Brown Jr. and Lewis Stevens came to Ann Arbor to discuss marketing and promotion with me. Courtney is the KING PIN'S KID and CEO of Big Boss Filmworks. Lewis is Vice President of Marketing of Big Boss Filmworks and also has his own company Flyers Plus Graphics.

Courtney Brown Jr is the author of Motown Mafia. We met online and I read his book which I LOVED...true Detroit history..read my story on his book HERE


Courtney also has a bad azz radio show THE KING PINS KID...my story about the show is HERE

I saw the many things these two very talented men are doing on Facebook and just had to write them a fan letter. Love their business savvy and their energy for living is just off the chain! Had to meet them in person...

So we met and are joining forces to begin sharing our related talents for promoting their many projects and some of my upcoming plans too...I am jazzed after that meeting...

Lewis Stevens is a talented graphic artist! Just what I need! So please stay tuned as we have some very exciting productions coming to the internet very soon!

Take a look at this video about Courtney's new project GITTIN OFF ZERO ..

There are more African American men in jail than in college. The unemployment rate among African American men in most major cities is 70%. The African American infant mortality rates are at third world levels. How did we get here? Could these statistics apply to the descendants of the great West African king and controller of the world’s gold and salt distribution of his day, Mansa Musa or to the descendants of Detroit’s Black Bottom, The Harlem Renaissance or Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma?

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