One of my favorite kiddie tv shows was Milky the Clown which was sponsored by Twin Pines Dairy. Milky would do a trick and ask the kids in the tv audience to say the magic word....TWIN PINES. Marketing genius!

Back in my early childhood milk was delivered in glass bottles to your home and the bottles recycled. There was a time when giant super-markets weren't on every corner, so milk, butter, and egg delivery was very convenient. Below are some memories of Detroiters who loved Twin Pines. -K

Martin Filiatrault Yep... Twin Pines delivered to our house in Bloomfield Hills. In fact, when I was a little kid, a driver went off Wabeek road 1/4 mile away, crashed into a ravine and was killed. For years afterward, you could find empty milk bottles in that ravine... some kids used to gather them up and break them in the driveways of their enemies. True story.


Ralph Zollars I was a "jumper". I'd jump off the truck with up to 6 half gallons of milk in a carrier. We still delivered glass bottles and picked up the empties. Damn, I'm old.

Susan Wolter-Brown in the morning I would drink the cream off the top, replace the lid and pretend nothing happened just to mess with my brothers..

Dennis Thompson: Mom used to have the Twin Pines truck stop and drop off quarts of milk in glass bottles and then the Awrey's bread truck would come by with baked goods and pastries. In the summer, there was the strawberry man who would be driving in his little trucks yelling, "Strawberries strawberries strawberries 3 quarts for a dollar!" Mom would make homemade shortcake to go with them. That's the way it was in the 1950s...

Tom Stevens Had a galvanized milk box on the front porch for deliveries...also had same delivery driver for like 30 years...when my dad and grand parents who were living at the house passed away, leaving only my mom who didn't drink milk, it was sad to leave a note in the milk box: Sorry, no more milk deliveries at this address. I think Mr. McKinstry was 70+ yrs old then...

Rocky Grindle Wow! I remember those trucks! And oh, yeah, I remember that clown!!

Ken Levise Geez! Milky delivered your milk right to your house. We had to go to the dairy on 11 mile road and Mound or was it Ryan. Milky was a pro. juggler. I met someone that he had taught the art.

Russell Loiacono My brother drove a milk truck I use to be his helper
Seen Milky the clown show live 2 xs

David M. DeBono We also had the Awrey (sp) man delivering bread and confectioneries

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