CHINO, Calif. — One-time San Diego socialite Betty Broderick on Thursday was denied parole for fatally shooting her ex-husband and his new wife more than 20 years ago, with a two-person panel saying she remains angry and unrepentant over her crime.

The decision came after a dramatic five-hour hearing in which Broderick's own four children were divided on whether she should win her freedom. Two believed she should remain behind bars.

Board of Prison Terms Commissioner Robert Doyle, who delivered the decision to Broderick, told her he had never seen an inmate who had made so little progress in acknowledging what she had done.

"Your heart is still bitter, and you are still angry," he said. "You show no significant progress in evolving. You are still back 20 years ago in that same mode. You've got to move on."

Broderick, 62, was convicted in 1991 of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison for the slayings. Her story became the subject of a book and two TV movies. She has maintained she was driven to kill by a bitter divorce and custody battle. FULL STORY IN HUFFINGTON POST


  1. She's NOT sorry, which I personally find rather awesome. You never saw two people more hell-bent on driving a woman crazy than Dan Broderick and Linda "Stinky" Kolkena (look up why I call her that). They succeeded in doing so. Betty shot and killed them both. End of story. No one should be surprised, and I'm not sure that anyone should expect Betty to feign sorry and remorse. She's resolute about what she did. That's pretty hardcore.

  2. Agreed. And I can't believe she didn't kill them sooner.

  3. Would you believe there's a Dan Broderick Award for ethics and integrity given to a lawyer in San Diego every year? Is that a hoot or what? Also, I found out that Linda Kolkena didn't bathe often and neglected washing her coochie. She also got fired from Delta Airlines for screwing customers, cussing at them, and stealing. Dan and Linda were quite the disgusting pair, weren't they?

  4. Friends of Betty no doubt or could this be Betty still bitter after all these years.


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